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If you are visiting this site for the first time, or if you are not au fait with the case of Satpal Ram, or if the only material you have read about this case was written by Ramís supporters, or by journalists who create the impression that Ramís murder conviction is controversial, I would strongly advise you to read first and foremost the précis I wrote especially for this site.


The following files (including this one) were added to this site March 10, 2004:


ďANTI-RACISMĒ - The Betrayer Of The White Working Class: published originally in issue 33 of Alternative Green, January 2003.
BRITISH JUSTICE: Colour Blind But Not Dumb: an essay refuting the racist justice lie.
CIVIL ďRIGHTSĒ - UNCIVIL LIES: published originally by the BNP on their website and later by the current writer on his own (main) website.
SATPAL RAM: Achiever Or Loser?: published originally on the Asian Barfi Culture website/noticeboard (incorporating reality Magazine), February 12, 2004.



Letter from convicted murderer Satpal Ram
Letter from the Criminal Cases Review Commission
Letter published in the Chandigarh Tribune: setting the record straight re the October 21, 2001 article on alleged racial injustice in Britain
Letter to Asian Xpress and the Independent
Letter to Simon Hattenstone of the Guardian (unanswered)
Two letters published in Tribune


Other Cases ie:

REGINA v HAYWOOD [1997] (Ram cited as case law)
REGINA v DOHERTY and McGREGOR [1997]: (Ram cited as case law)
REGINA v U (N) [1999] (Ram cited as case law)
REGINA v TONY MARTIN [2001]: (Ram cited as case law)





THE TAINTED SILK OF MICHAEL MANSFIELD QC: published originally as a pamphlet. The on-line version was published on this site on January 22.



Official mugshot of convicted murderer Satpal Ram
Wounds inflicted on an innocent white victim by black mugger Clinton Noel


Press Articles:

Chandigarh Tribune article re Ram (see letter below)
Compensation Blocked for on-the-Run Killer
Interview with unrepentant convicted murderer Satpal Ram
Johnson and Ram free at last: reproduced from An Phoblacht/REPUBLICAN NEWS
Man Cleared Of Road Rage Murder: reproduced from the on-line Ealing Times
Satpal Ram Parole Hearing: downloaded from LabourNet UK
Top 10 Achievers And Losers Of 2002: Number 4 Satpal Ram [achiever]: reproduced from reality on-line magazine.



ďDAMILOLA TAYLOR: Supplementary NoteĒ: a note concerning the conclusion to this sad case.
DRAMATIS PERSONAE (added May 31, 2004).
SATPAL RAM (VISIT): an appeal found floating in cyber-space - with some added comment.
The Legend Of Ratpal Sham: a little light entertainment; published originally on Usenet, a very minor correction or two has been made to this (fully linked!) version.

The following files were augmented in the March 2004 update:

Satpal Ram Bibliography
Satpal Ram Chronology

Satpal Ram And Winston Silcott...: a one paragraph update
THE AUTOPSY ON CLARKE PEARCE - Comment By A Doctor: a lengthy note was added regarding autopsy photographs in American courtrooms.
The Autopsy On Clarke Pearce, And Ramís Second Appeal: Some Critical Comment: some minor textual alterations.
1300 Word Prťcis Of The Ram Saga: one very minor note added.
Two Conversations With Lesley Naylor...: one paragraph added.

Minor corrections and alterations have been made to numerous other files, especially with regard to layout.


When I set up this site in April 2001 I intended it to be a ďone-offĒ, apart from minor updates and any new material that came into my possession relating to the case. I was not to be disappointed because one of the first such documents I obtained was the post mortem (autopsy) report on Clarke Pearce. To my surprise the Coroner released it to Nadine OíNeill on a written request. I also purchased a transcript of the 1995 Court of Appeal judgment. The site was updated in October 2001, and I sat back and admired it with great satisfaction - a job well done! - giving it the occasional plug on Usenet. Then came the bad news (though not for Ram).

In June 2002, Ram was freed following the ruling in the Stafford case. As I learned of this ruling and Ramís imminent release I was in the process of putting out a new pamphlet: The Tainted Silk Of Michael Mansfield QC. I brought the publication of this pamphlet forward, and along with Nadine OíNeill and her family, I sat back and watched as Ram gave a carefully stage managed press conference on his release.

I had spoken to Mrs OíNeill on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 12, 2002. She told me that she had been informed Ram was to be released the following Friday; she hadnít yet told the rest of her family. As things turned out he wasnít released until after the weekend.

At or about this point, Nadine OíNeill made a prediction: Ram would re-offend, and if I recall, she said she would give him a year before he was back inside. She was spot on. After less than a year at liberty, Ram was recalled to prison following allegations of assault and criminal damage. All the authorities have to do now, is find him!

I have written a number of letters to the media about Ramís case over the past few years, the vast majority of them have been ignored, so I was pleasantly surprised (astounded frankly) when the left wing newspaper/magazine Tribune published one. I am not a regular reader of Tribune, and learned of its publication purely by accident.

A large format scan of the letter is published here, as is a regular scan of a reply, by Duncan Mayhew, who apparently knows - or knows of - me, although I have never heard of him. Both letters contain minor errors; my postcode has been given as SE21 instead of SE26. Mayhewís letter refers to ďa clear code of homicideĒ - obviously the paperís error - and an error (or lie) that Mayhew has endorsed accidentally. No, Duncan, Alexander Baron IS my real name.

I was less surprised, though pleasantly so, that my letter to the on-line Indian newspaper of the same name was published in full. (All letters to the media are vulnerable to editing; here I most definitely did not refer to the paperís correspondent as ďMsĒ Sharma).

After the October 2001 update, I had definitely not intended to update this site again, but when Ramís release was announced I planned to give him a year of liberty then update it. Although I continued to collect, and occasionally to research material for the site, this idea was gradually abandoned, until January 2004 when I decided on impulse to add The Tainted Silk Of Michael Mansfield QC to the on-line collection. When this pamphlet had been posted - on January 22 - I phoned Nadine OíNeill and told her. She said she had recently been informed of a BBC report to the effect that Ram had lost his compensation, but that she could find no mention of this, and believed the story had been spiked. Like me she wondered what compensation?

If I recall correctly, just after Christmas 2003, I spoke to the (now former) Legal Executive of the POW Trust, an organisation I had spent some time working for. He told me that he had recently seen a case named Ram listed on the Court Service website. Could that be my man? I said I doubted it. Shortly after that it transpired that this was indeed the man himself. On January 12, 2004, a small article was posted to the website of The Scotsman newspaper. The case had been heard that day, and apparently a Press Association court reporter had been about, and had seen fit to file a fairly detailed report of the hearing. The Scotsman had seen fit to publish it.

After speaking to Mrs OíNeill, I ran a search on Google News and found this article. When I told her, she was extremely angry that she and her family had not been informed of Ramís being unlawfully at large. Nadine and her husband had witnessed the murder, and both had given evidence against Ram at his trial.

Her Probation Service contact was not happy either; clearly it was disgraceful that Nadine OíNeill and she herself had learned of this only through the media, and indirectly and by chance at that.

While surfing the web on March 9, 2003, I made a discovery that would have shocked me profoudly if I had not become shock-proof over some of the outrageous things the academic world has done over the years. The imbeciles at Sheffield University had instigated a Satpal Ram Learning Centre. What would be taught here I wondered: the technique of lying incessantly and convincingly? Ram was also named as the Unionís Honorary President, and a biography of the great man was to be displayed in the room. This resolution was passed August 2, 2002, shortly after Ramís release, and, concidentally, my 46th birthday.

When I told Nadine OíNeill about Ramís going awol, she couldnít resist gloating that the man who had murdered her brother before her very eyes had finally revealed himself to the entire world in his true colours. Now even the most braindead and dedicated of ďanti-racistsĒ must surely give up the ghost on this worthless cause.

When I checked Ramís appleonline website on January 29, 2004, I received an error message, but this had been set up to campaign for his release, so was probably taken down shortly after his parole.

It was about this time that I decided I must update the site within the next few weeks, so I threw myself into the task with vigour, and come the beginning of March, the further update was all but complete. Apart from any minor bibliographical entries I have no intention at present of updating it further, but none of us can predict the future in any meaningful sense, and if Ram is captured, or something else happens...who knows? Whatever, this website will stand as a permanent memorial to the perfidy of Satpal Ram, to a young life cut tragically short, and as an object lesson to the folly of ďanti-racismĒ, a religion that ruthlessly subjugates truth, reason, common sense, and in Ramís case common decency, to a morally bankrupt ideology.

On March 4, 2004 I spoke briefly with Stephen Linehan, Ramís junior counsel at his murder trial, who was extremely surprised when I told him Ram had been granted Legal Aid while unlawfully at large. He was unwilling to say anything about the original case, but he did give me some useful information concerning the late Douglas Draycott. The radio programme over which Draycott sued the BBC, was broadcast the morning of Ramís second appeal. I checked the Radio Times but the entry for Today contained no reference to the case, as was to be expected as this is a news programme. I have to date found only one published reference to this libel action, but the minutae of Draycott v BBC are not important, what is important is that he brought the action, and that it was settled to his satisfaction. This is yet another nail in the coffin of the Ram lie-machine, which claims that Draycott admitted that he had bungled Ramís case.

After speaking with Mr Linehan there was not much more I could do other than to update the site. Nadine OíNeill has written to Birmingham CPS requesting copies of Ramís case papers, but in the unlikely event of any of them being released they will take considerable time to process. Ironically, although Ramís cult status now lies in ruins, he has achieved a lasting notoriety in an entirely unanticipated, and for him unwanted, manner. His failed and quite spurious 1995 appeal has found its way into English case law, most notably it has been cited in the (successful) appeal of farmer Tony Martin, who like Ram killed in cold blood, but unlike Ram won overwhelming public support, primarily because when he shot burglar Fred Barras he was defending his own property. And sober!

This site has been thoroughly tested with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. As far as I have been able to ascertain, there are no technical faults either with the code or the links. While all internal links should work, I have no control over external links, and the transient nature of much of the Internet means it is impossible for myself or indeed for any webmaster to guarantee that a particular link that works today will work tomorrow.

All the information on this site, particularly quotes from books, magazines and newspapers, has been checked, double checked, and in many cases checked repeatedly. Having said that, even I have been known to make mistakes! Any errors of fact or interpretation on this site are entirely my own - unless stated implicitly to the contrary. If any such errors are brought to my attention I will, as ever, willingly correct the same.

Alexander Baron
South London.

March 10, 2004

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