Introduction To The On-Line Edition

The publication you are about to read was first published as a pamphlet on June 18, 2002. The following day, Ram was released from gaol following a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights. *

A number of very minor changes have been made from the hard copy, but these are entirely cosmetic. In the original I used a number of photographs downloaded from the Internet. I saved these on my PC but unfortunately they were lost due to a hard disk failure. Substitutes have therefore been used in some cases.

The web page reproduced in the original from the site of the National Civil Rights Movement was downloaded in May 2002. ** The same, unaltered page – as published here – was downloaded in January 2004. Mr Mansfield’s letter dated 8 February 2002 is therefore exposed as worthless. Like the vast majority of campaigns supported by his subversive and disingenuous organisation.

The hard copy of this pamphlet achieved minimal distribution including to a few barristers, the Lord Chief Justice (who may or may not have read it) and to a few people who responded to an advertisement in the Usenet group As this edition is both free and a mere click away I anticipate a far wider readership. Since his release, Ram has expressed his desire to have his murder conviction overturned by the European Court of Human Rights, and has set in motion the mechanism to do so. I am equally determined both that this cowardly murderer should never have such ambitions seriously entertained, and that his lie campaign against his victim should be relentlessly exposed, together with the dupes and scumbags who have endorsed it and continue to endorse it in any way, manner, shape or form.

This pamphlet is the first addition to this website since October 2001. I plan to augment and update the site at some point in the future, although this probably won’t be for a couple of years yet. If I live that long.

Alexander Baron,

January 22, 2004, amended February 15, 2004

* Correction! According to one of the many websites that supported Ram uncritically, he was actually released from HMP Blantyre House at 7pm on June 18. Inmates are usually discharged after breakfast, but there appear to have been last minute complications with this supposedly so controversial case. I believe he was supposed to have been released the previous week.
** The images were not downloaded in the

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