Notes And References

(1) Downloaded from the NCRM website June 1, 2002.
(2) Downloaded and printed out at Sydenham Library on May 27, 2002.
(3) You are probably familiar with this high profile case, but for the record, eighteen year old Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death at a London bus stop in an unprovoked attack on the night of April 22, 1993. His murder was eventually to lead to the Macpherson Inquiry and Report, out of which Michael Mansfield QC made a lot of money.
(4) But see under Bad News For British Justice... below.
(5) At the time of writing, Straw is in the Foreign Office, and doing his best to prevent India and Pakistan starting World War Three.
(6) See below under Bad News For British Justice...
(7) He was a waiter who also thought Ram had been holding a steak knife. Contrary to the propaganda of the Free Satpal Campaign, he was not a defence witness but a prosecution witness, as was the restaurant manager.
(8) This can mean many things, but in this case it means liar. When Ram was questioned by the police he was at a loss to explain the injuries that had been inflicted on the victim.
(9) Michael Menson was killed for kicks, as in all probability was Stephen Lawrence.
(10) Abu-Jamal was sentenced to death and has languished on Death Row for two decades. That may be objectionable, but his conviction is not.
(11) Institutional racism is also known as institutionalised racism, and it can be either primary or secondary!
(12) One of the complaints she made was that the police had treated her son like a criminal and had investigated his background in case of a possible drug connection. This has nothing to do with racism, and is standard procedure in such cases. The family and friends of Jill Dando were investigated in similar fashion, as were those of the missing schoolgirl Amanda Dowler.
(13) Originally I wrote “I am proud to have coined this phrase myself!” I have since discovered an earlier reference to statistical racism, in a US Government report.
(14) More police powers equal more racism, published in Socialist Worker, No 1791, 16 March 2002, page 2.
(15) Whitaker’s Almanack, 2001, page 391.

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