Man Cleared Of Road Rage Murder

An accountant was cleared by an Old Bailey judge on Friday last week of murdering a Southall teenager in a road rage attack last year.

But Abdul Janjirker, 50, who stabbed 17-year-old Gary Allsopp, of Willowbrook Road, in the throat after the traffic dispute in Lady Margaret Road, Southall, on April 23, now faces a retrial for manslaughter.

Janjirker, the chairman of a race relations group and a school governor, admitted carrying out the stabbing at the scene, but claimed Mr Allsopp had brandished his knife first.

The jury heard Janjirker stabbed Allsopp in the throat after he was forced to brake suddenly at a roundabout.

He said he armed himself with a Swiss Army knife to protect himself, his wife and his daughter after they were subjected to a barrage of racist abuse.

But Janjirker, who was in his car with his wife and daughter, now claims he has no recollection of the stabbing because he blacked out when he was hit on the head with a brick.

Mr Allsopp died shortly after collapsing on the pavement, where he bled to death.

Father-of-three Janjirker, of High Wycombe, says he was acting like a robot at the time of the killing and is therefore not criminally responsible for Mr Allsopp's death.

After almost seven hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously cleared Janjirker of murder.

But they were unable to reach a verdict on the alternative charge of manslaughter and Janjirker, who denies manslaughter on the grounds of provocation, now faces a retrial on that charge which will to be heard next month at the earliest.

[The above article was published in the on-line Ealing Times, 9:30am Thursday 24th August 2000].

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