The following is a list of the most important persons referred to on this site.


Abu-Jamal, Mumia

A black American convicted murderer, and one of Ramís heroes.

Ahmed, Sultan

The manager of the Sky Blue restaurant at the time of the murder of Clarke Pearce by Satpal Ram, and a prosecution witness in the case.

Apache Indian (see under Kapur)


British-Asian band that campaigned for Ramís release.

Badger, Sharon

A friend of Clarke Pearce and a witness to his murder.

Banks, Martin

Birmingham journalist who has reported at length on the Ram case, with a heavy slant.

Beldam, Lord Justice

The senior judge who presided over Ramís second appeal.

Draycott, Douglas

Ramís leading counsel at trial.

Gillespie, Bobby

Front man of the rock band Primal Scream, one of Ramís high profile supporters and campaigners.

Gower, Norman

The pathologist who performed the autopsy on Clarke Pearce.

Grover, Suresh

One of Ramís staunchest supporters (and liars).

Jackson, George

American murderer, and one of Ramís heroes.

Kapur, Steven

Also known as Apache Indian, a musician, and another Ram supporter.

Kennedy, Mr Justice

A judge at Ramís first appeal, later Lord Justice Kennedy.

Lane, Lord

Lord Chief Justice of England who presided over Ramís first appeal.

Lawrence, Stephen

A black teenager whose murder in South London became a cause celébrè.

Lea, David

A friend of Clarke Pearce and a witness to his murder.

Lee, Bruce George Peter

The Hull arsonist; he was defended by Harry Ognall QC, who was the trial judge in Regina v Ram.

Linehan, Stephen

Ramís Junior Counsel at trial, later a QC.

McGivern, Dr Jean

The doctor who tried to save Clarke Pearce; later she emigrated to Australia.

Mansfield, Michael

Left wing QC who has leant his name to Ramís cause, even to the extent of giving spurious credence to Ramís outrageous lies.

Morgan, John

Ramís solicitor at the time of the murder.

Mozomil, Abdul

A waiter in the Sky Blue restaurant at the time of Ramís crime, and a prosecution witness.

National Civil Rights Movement

A campaigning organisation. Donít be fooled by the name.

Naylor, Lesley

Ramís arch-liar.

Newton, Huey P.

Co-founder of the Black Panthers, murderer, drug addict, and another of Ramís heroes.

OíConnor, Patrick

Idealistic barrister who took on Ramís first appeal pro bono.

Ognall, Mr Justice

The judge at Ramís trial, later a High Court Judge. Sir Harry Ognall is one of the more fair-minded members of the judiciary.

OíNeill, Eddie

Husband of Nadine OíNeill, and witness to the murder of his brother-in-law, Clarke Pearce.

OíNeill, Nadine

The elder sister of Clarke Pearce, and, along with her husband Eddie, witness to her brotherís murder.

Pearce, Clarke Edward (1964-86): murdered by Satpal Ram in the Sky Blue restaurant.

Peirce, Gareth

One of Ramís solicitors.

Primal Scream

Rock band that supported Ram.

Ram, Mohinder

Ramís brother

Ram, Satpal

Convicted murderer and arch-liar.

Schneider, Evelyn

Ramís German girlfriend,

Shinji, Na(r)vinder Singh

Ramís co-defendant and witness to the murder.

Smith, Dr

The doctor who treated Ram at Sandwell General Hospital as Clarke Pearce lay dying.

Smith, Jane

Sister of Clarke Pearce.

Stagg, Colin

The innocent sap fitted up for the notorious 1992 Wimbledon Common murder of the young mother Rachel Nickell. The case against Stagg was thrown out by Sir Harry Ognall.

Stenson, Mark

A witness to the murder of Clarke Pearce

Taylor, Damilola

A ten year old African schoolboy whose tragic and mysterious death on a South London housing estate generated enormous publicity.

Trace, Mark

A witness to the murder of Clarke Pearce.

Watson, Jacqueline

Clarkeís fiancée, and a witness to his murder.

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