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Welcome to the HomePage of satpalramisguilty, the site that brings you the documented facts about convicted murderer Satpal Ram, and painstakingly deconstructs the lies, distortions and smears which have been spread by Ram and his small but dedicated army of liars over a period of more than a decade.

This site is the brainchild of Alexander Baron who constructed it, uploaded it to the WorldWideWeb, and who takes sole and full responsibility for the entire contents therein, including any errors of inference, or of interpretation, or of fact. Having said that, this site would not have been possible in its current form without the assistance of numerous people who contributed to it either knowingly, unknowingly, or accidentally, including archivists and people who have rendered me invaluable technical assistance on such diverse matters as points of law and HTML. For various reasons, not all of these people would appreciate my crediting them personally, but the names of many of them will become apparent as the reader makes his way through the site. I would though like to extend a special thank you to my colleague Mark Taha who assisted especially with proofing the text and checking the links.

There is a tendency by many webmasters to drown their sites in links, something I personally always find distracting. I have therefore tried to avoid this. This may result in the casual browser having to do a little homework, but if the site is as interesting as I hope it is, that shouldnít be too much of a problem. To the best of my knowledge and ability, all the links - internal and external - were functioning when the site opened for business on April 21, 2001, but the Web is a dynamic medium so I cannot guarantee that all the external links will function in the future. It was not my intention to update this site significantly at any time, but if and when this happens I will append a link to this page so that the reader can read up on any new developments. This site is first and foremost a memorial to an ordinary working man who was cut down in the prime of his life by a drunken thug in - to coin a phrase - a moment of madness.

The murder of Clarke Edward Pearce by Satpal Ram not only destroyed one young life but had profound consequences for many people, particularly of course the family and friends of the victim. Ramís campaigners and supporters focus entirely on the consequences for Ram. It is true that Ram has suffered, and continues to suffer, for his moment of madness. But Ramís suffering has been entirely of his own making, and no one else can be said to be in any way responsible.

Ironically, Ram has achieved a bizarre cult status in the same manner as one of his heroes, his fellow convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Like Ram, Abu-Jamal was convicted of (and in his case sentenced to death for) a totally unnecessary and senseless killing: the December 1981 shooting of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. At one time, Abu-Jamal had been a rising star of local community radio, but by the time he gunned down Daniel Faulkner at the intersection of Broad and Locust he was a non-entity. Abu-Jamal remains a non-entity, in spite of the hordes of admirers who hang on his every pronouncement from Death Row, and who literally idolise this cold-blooded killer.

Likewise, Satpal Ram is a non-entity, and will remain so, however many people worldwide are duped by the incessant and outrageous lies of the Free Satpal Campaign, or by the largely uncritical coverage given to this so-called miscarriage of justice by a media that places sensationalism and ideology on a higher plane than truth. The facts of the murder of Clarke Pearce were proven in a legally constituted court of law on untainted prosecution evidence. Satpal Ram received a fair and unbiased trial, and the English legal systemís extensive process of appeal has resulted in Ramís conviction being upheld twice to date.

Alexander Baron,
South London.

April 19, 2001.

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