Ramís Campaigners

Although it would be unfair to tar with the brush of dishonesty everyone who has ever campaigned for Ram, there can be no doubt that the hard core of his campaigners are fully aware of the truth, that Ram is a cold-blooded murderer, and that the story that has been peddled to the world over a period of a decade and more is a tissue of lies. The hard core of Ramís campaigners includes members of his family, Lesley, the comedian Mark Thomas, and the solicitor Imran Khan. While it is understandable that members of Ramís family wish to see him freed, family loyalties cannot excuse the extent of the lies and the hatemongering they have engaged in. Likewise, Mark Thomas, who has been intimately involved with the campaign, cannot be ignorant of the true facts of the case. While not involved with its day to day running, Imran Khan is a solicitor, and he will surely have read the Court of Appeal judgments. Even if he hasnít, no one with any legal training, any journalistic integrity, or any nous at all, who has read the propaganda churned out by the Free Satpal Campaign could have any doubt whatsoever that the incident which led to the murder of Clarke Pearce could not have happened in the way they and Ram claim it happened.

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