An Appeal From The Webmaster -
And A Challenge

Dear Reader,

I hope you find this site both informative and thought-provoking. In some ways I consider it to be the most worthwhile venture I have ever undertaken. I spent many months researching the background to the murder of Clarke Pearce by Satpal Ram, and among other things it has confirmed a belief I have long held, that, in the words of Professor Arthur Butz, the media in the Western democracies are exposed as constituting a lie machine of vaster extent than even many of the more independent minded have perceived.

As demonstrated on this site, the official version of the murder of Clarke Pearce by Satpal Ram is the correct one, even so, the media in all its venality continues to push the fraudulent line, and the public is by and large deceived. The reader can imagine to what extent the public is deceived when the official line is also fraudulent.

I would like to make three appeals. Firstly, the bibliography of this case is as complete as can be hoped for at the present time, but I would ask the reader if he comes across any original reports of Ram and the Free Satpal Campaign to inform me, especially reports from local media. When I say original I mean references to claims and events not covered on this site; I am not interested in collating every single reference to Ram in print.

Secondly, please report any errors, spelling mistakes, etc. This site was composed using my beloved WordStar 6 wordprocessor and Micro$oft Edit, and previewed using Internet Explorer. I have had some compatibility problems with Netscape, which I hope I have overcome prior to publication, but if the site doesnít view as it should with your particular browser, please let me know.

Thirdly, this site was financed entirely out of my own pocket and involved many hours of toil. The costs were not inconsiderable for a man of my limited means, in particular travel, photocopying, postage and scanning. Any donations towards defraying these costs will be greatly appreciated.

I would like to purchase, and publish, the trial transcript on this site, but transcripts are inordinately expensive - for me at any rate - but there is a very inexpensive way of doing this. And here is the challenge.

Satpal Ram and his lawyers have the entire trial transcript; they also have the Court of Appeal transcripts and numerous other documents to which he as the defendant and appellant is entitled but which I, and others, are not. If Mr Ram is the little innocent he and his hard core of supporters claim he is, then let him forward to me the trial transcript, the witness statements, and the pathologistís report his eminent QC allegedly misread. If he does so, I will publish them all on this site at my own expense.

Alexander Baron,
93c Venner Road,
London SE26 5HU.

April 19, 2001

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