Satpal Ram And The Murder
Of Clarke Edward Pearce:
A Critical Bibliography
Of Printed Sources

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Girl sees fiance stabbed to death, by Nick Parker, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), Monday, November 17, 1986, page 5.

This and the Birmingham Post report of the same day are the first reports in the print media of the murder and are fairly accurate.

The killer was said to have plunged a dagger into the victim’s chest when the argument turned into a fight. The detective leading the hunt is quoted thus: “This was a senseless killing of a young man enjoying an evening out with his fiancee and family.”

The 22 year old was said to have died half an hour later in hospital. [This article was what first alerted the current writer to the extent of the lies churned out by the Ram campaign.]

Man killed in restaurant music row, by Philip Lymn, published in Birmingham The Post, (Midland Edition), No. 39,706, November 17, 1986, page 3.

There was said to have been an argument between black and white customers in the Sky Blue restaurant. The incident was said to have happened at 2.40am.

Clarke Pearce is said to have been stabbed a number of times; two wounds penetrated his chest causing a massive haemorrhage.

Knifing witnesses traced, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), November 18, 1986, page 9.

From a staff reporter: the dead man is pictured. He is said to have been knifed during an argument over piped music. Two key witnesses are said to have been traced: a white woman named June and an unnamed Asian man.

Evelyn Schneider (not named here) is said to have walked into Steelhouse Lane PoliceStation and offered to assist in the inquiry. Detective Superintendent Murphy is quoted thus: “We now know the name of the man we are seeking.”

Stabbing charge, under the NEWS IN BRIEF column, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), November 25, 1986, page 11.

Reports Ram’s first court appearance.

Life for city stab killer, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), June 10, 1987, page 14.

A reasonably objective, factual report.

Cafe argument led to murder, published in The Birmingham Post, (Midland Edition), No. 39,790, Thursday, June 11, 1987, page 5. [Birmingham The Post.]

A reasonably objective, factual report. The jury is said to have taken just 30 minutes to convict Ram of murder. (They actually deliberated for 85 minutes).

Judgment in Regina v Satpal Ram delivered March 6, 1989.

R. v. Ram, published in The Criminal Law Review, June 1989, published by Sweet and Maxwell, London, page 457.

An official case summary.

Police in M50 murder case ‘ignored leads’: The Home Office has received a list of 111 alleged miscarriages of justice, by Terry Kirby and Adam Sage, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], July 16, 1992, page 6.

Ram gets quite a big mention in this article as does Eddie Browning (who was subsequently cleared of an even more horrendous murder than Ram).

Ram’s trial is described as bizarre - as opposed to fair - and “In the melee, one of the few independent witnesses with a clear view of the fight was the Bengali waiter. Yet his testimony in court was hampered by language difficulties.”

The waiter concerned was of course a prosecution witness, and he did not have a clear view (of this non-existent fight) as the Court of Appeal pointed out in its 1989 judgment.

Evidence could free Satpal
Fresh hope
for jailed
city killer, published in Metronews, August 13, 1992, page 5.

A report from the local press. The main title of this article is Fresh hope for jailed city killer; it includes under a subtitle ‘A life sentence should mean life’ some comment from the mother of Clarke Pearce.

It is stated here that the Home Office had agreed to review the case “if enough new evidence is presented”; the Free Satpal Campaign is mentioned by name; they are said to have tracked down four Bengali speaking witnesses and taken statements from them. A campaigner named Muhammad Idrish is quoted.

In spite of making an extensive search of relevant publications this was the only such report I could find of this supposed new development.


The above was uploaded May 9, 2014 although it had been sitting on my hard disk for well over a decade. This newsletter (I have included the front page as well as page 3) is/was published by the lunatic Church Of The Creator. The less said about this outfit the better, but it does show that the far right (including its furthermost fringes) were aware of Ram from the early 1990s, even if in this case they did misspell his name.

Bunty, No. 1880, January 22, 1994, page 32.

On the above page of this girls’ comic, Ram supporter Apache Indian is said to have been born in Birmingham on May 11, 1967. His real name is given as Steve Kapur. According to the official register of births he was born Steven Vijay Kapur.

Searchlight, March 1994, issue 225, page 9.

This contains a photograph of a group of protesters outside Birmingham Legal Aid Office; they are holding up a FREE SATPAL CAMPAIGN banner.

The accompanying uncredited report of the Ram campaign’s lying propaganda is obviously based uncritically on one of their press releases. Ram is said to be twenty (this was his age at the time of the murder, of course, not in March 1994). He is said to have stabbed his attacker with “a small knife”, etc and ad nauseum. This appears to be the first such report to have found its way into Searchlight.

MP seeks review of 50 legal ‘miscarriages’: Home Secretary asked to set up independent tribunal to investigate possibility of wrongful convictions, by Jason Bennetto, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], April 19, 1994, page 6.

Chris Mullin MP on the campaign trail for many worthy causes (he was heavily involved in the Birmingham Six campaign). Not everyone who cries foul has been wronged though. Here, Ram is said to have claimed that he was acting in self-defence “after he got into an argument with a group of six white men” one of whom “smashed a glass over the head of Ram who then stabbed him”. Two appeals are said to have been rejected; the paper’s usual mixture of lies and sloppy journalism.

Review ordered, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], May 20, 1994, page 5.

A paragraph which says the High Court has ordered a Judicial Review of the Home Office’s refusal to refer Ram’s murder conviction back to the Court of Appeal.

Home Secretary urged to re-examine murder case, by Duncan Campbell and Satish Sekar, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM version], December 22, 1994, page 4.

This article is about several alleged miscarriages of justice.

Clarke Pearce is said to have attacked Ram. Of Ram it is said that “His account to [the police] indicated a defence of accident or self-defence as did his original instructions to his solicitors.”

Apparently, Ram’s legal team believed wrongly that Ram had made a “frenzied” attack on his victim, ruling out self-defence. Read the pathologist’s report and decide for yourself.

Support Satpal Ram’s fight for justice, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 122, December 1994/January 1995 page 15.

A letter from Ram writing from Full Sutton. He says that on June 21, 1993 a submission was made to the Home Secretary requesting that his case be referred back to the Court of Appeal. This request was rejected.

In May 1994 he was granted leave to appeal to the High Court. A full hearing was listed for December 15, 1994.

“I have now spent eight years in prison for defending myself against a racially motivated attack.”

An easy-going charmer but a feared adversary in court, by Michael Posner, published in THE BIRMINGHAM POST, (COUNTY EDITION), April 19, 1995, page 7.

A flattering but undoubtedly accurate portrait of Douglas Draycott QC, who at this time was the longest practising barrister in the Midlands.

FREE SATPAL RAM!, October 20, 1995
The above is a double-sided A5 leaflet advetising a picket of the Court of Appeal on said date. I can’t remember where I obtained this, but I am fairly certain it was printed in black and white as reproduced here.

FREE SATPAL RAM!, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 127, October/November 1995, page 11.

On September 10, 1995, Ram was sent to the punishment block in Full Sutton “on a spurious charge of insulting a prison officer”

He refused to attend a disciplinary hearing and was subsequently sentenced to two weeks punishment.

Supporters are said to have inundated the prison with phone calls and faxes and to have held a picket. His appeal date was set for October 20.

Clash as appeal rejected, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM version], November 25, 1995, page 10.

“He also argued that his defence counsel had been wrong in not allowing him to plead self-defence or to go in the witness box.”

Reports arrests after the hearing.

Fury as man loses murder appeal No 2, published in the Weekend Evening Mail, (ie Birmingham) Saturday, November 25, 1995, page 14.

Reports that police held back struggling demonstrators outside the Court of Appeal.

COURT OF APPEAL THROWS OUT SELF-DEFENCE CLAIM, Exclusive by Sanjay Gohil, published in Eastern Eye, Issue 308, Friday December 1 1995, page 1, continuing on page 4 as ‘There will be no peace until Satpal is set free’. There is some comment on page 11 under the inadvertently ironic title Stabbed in the back.

Page 1: This is a big report; there are two photos on the front page: one of Ram with moustache, the other of a group of campaigners clashing with police “after the shock verdict”.

The reader is told “the former warehouse worker has always protested his innocence, claiming he was protecting himself from a vicious race attack by Pearce and five of his friends.”

Page 4: This appears to have been quite an event, including a heavy media presence. The pickets chanted: “British justice is a sham, free, free Satpal Ram”.

Forty of them were said to have come down from Birmingham.

The paper says the Court of Appeal was told there were serious inconsistencies at the original trial in July 1987. Ram’s trial was of course in June 1987. The Court was said to have deliberated for two hours before delivering its judgment.

Ram’s brother Mohindar is pictured. Ram is said to have shouted “No justice, no peace” as he was led from the dock.

Page 11: A comparison is drawn between Ram and the recent case of Lib-Dem leader Paddy Ashdown who disarmed a knife wielding attacker in a kebab shop. The irony of course is the title: Ram did stab his victim in the back.

No appeal through counsel’s mistake, published in the Times under Law Report, December 7, 1995, page 36.

An official report.

[Neither the murder of Clarke Pearce nor the trial of Satpal Ram was reported in contemporaneous editions of Times. This appears to be the first report in this prestigious newspaper.]

Satpal Ram loses appeal, published in the Asian Times, No. 660, Week Ending December 9 1995, page 3.

A small article reports that Ram was “convicted of murder after defending himself against a racist attack”.

Socialist Worker, No 1473, 16 December 1995, page 8.

A column Inside at Xmas says under SATPAL RAM that his second appeal was recently refused; his address is given as Full Sutton.

“He defended himself after being racially abused and attacked by six white racists while at work in an Indian restaurant.”

Ram was not attacked by anyone, of course.

Satpal Ram appeal -
racist verdict, by Nicki Jameson, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 128, December 1995/January 1996, page 4.

The Revolutionary Communist Group (who publish this newspaper) attended the Court of Appeal on November 24; the victim is referred to in this article as a “drunken racist thug”. After the hearing, Ram is dragged from the dock by two security guards. Two supporters were arrested: Pete * and Ed.

* “Pete” appears to have been Pete Bloomer, presumably a RCG member/supporter.

Don’t forget Satpal Ram, published in CARF, No 30, February/March 1996, page 15.

Apparently it was all the fault of Douglas Draycott.

[CARF is an acronym for Campaign Against Racism and Fascism].

is a double sided black and white A5 leaflet which was inserted, apparently, in CARF, No 30, February/March 1996. Doubtless it was distributed through other channels too.

Ram is pictured.

The reverse advertises a RELEASE SATPAL BENEFIT

The leaflet is the usual lies: “The attacker died after refusing medical treatment”. Ram’s mythical attacker is not even dignified with a name.

We are also informed that “The Free satpal Campaign is determined to continue the fight and has begun a campaign to put pressure on Douglas Draycott to admit his mistakes.”

Of Lord Justice Beldam it says: “In his written judgment he rejected all of satpal’s barristers arguments, the same arguments which had persuaded judges of Satpal’s Judicial Review to recommend an appeal, in Dec 1994!”

So what? An argument may be sound, but if the facts do not support it...

Ram’s lawyers were said to be waiting on the full judgment in order to proceed to the House of Lords, and probably “the European Court of Justice”.

The gig was scheduled for The Red Rose Club in Islington, February 29, 1996, 7.30pm. It was said to feature Banner Theatre in their London debut of the show Criminal Justice. Contact phone numbers were given as 0171 837 1450 and 0121 507 1618.

Satpal Ram - abuse continues, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 130, April/May 1996, page 13.

Support Satpal Ram, published under LETTERS in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 131, June/July 1996, page 15.

A letter by Kathy Roberts of the Free Satpal Campaign.

Defending counsel’s reputation
Douglas Draycott QC’s successful libel claim against the BBC could mark the beginning of a new trend
, by Sarah Webb, published in NEW LAW JOURNAL, Vol 146, No 6751, Friday, July 5, 1996, page 982.

This is less a report on the proceedings than a technical article about the implications of this sort of action for barristers.

Click here for a scan of the above article. Because of the limitations of this website, this is an external link. And the best copy possible.

Satpal Ram!, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 133, October/November 1996, page 13.

This is an interview with Ram. It includes a photograph of him and a small advertisement for a rally in Birmingham, November 16, 1996. “TO MARK A DECADE OF INJUSTICE”.

Rally for jailed man, published in the Evening Mail, (Birmingham), November 16, 1996, page 9.

This is a very small report on the intended 10th anniversary rally.

Prison picket after alleged attack on inmate, published in Eastern Eye, Issue 360, Friday December 6, 1996, page 2.

Reports that a picket was held outside Brixton to protest against an alleged assault on Ram by prison staff. Ram is pictured; he is said to have served 10 years and to be still protesting his innocence.

For the record, the current writer was in Brixton on remand at the same time. I don’t recall ever having met Ram but it is quite likely that we came within spitting distance of each other. As with all Ram’s other claims of prison brutality I am inclined to take this with a large grain of salt if only because from personal experience I know it unlikely to be true.

Pop: Shout, shout, let it all out, by Angela Lewis, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], January 24, 1998, (Features 34).

Reports that AsianDubFoundation was formed in 1994; according to their website, they formed in 1993.

“Satpal Ram is still serving life in jail for fatally wounding one of six racist attackers who rounded on him in a Birmingham restaurant.”

KILLER’S FREEDOM BID SHOCK - Victim’s sister hits at parole plea, by Martin Banks, published in the Evening Mail, Birmingham, January 5, 1998, page 9.

The above is from the NewsUK database.

Killers parole plea refused, published in the Evening Mail, (Birmingham), January 21, 1998, page 17

The above is from the NewsUK database - without apostrophes!

Advertisement for
published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS, 7 FEBRUARY 1998, page 25.

The single is said to be released February 9. Remixes by Primal Scream and Brendan Lynch.

More Hindi than indie, by Veena Virdi, published in the Times, (Metro section), [CD-ROM version], February 7, 1998, page 12.

This is a fawning interview with AsianDubFoundation which reports, among other things, that the single Free Satpal Ram is to be released the following Monday.

Asian Dub Foundation tells “Searchlight”, ‘make it funky’, published in Searchlight, No 273, March 1998, page 7.

"Satpal Ram was attacked in a Birmingham restaurant in 1986. He defended himself and one of his attackers died after refusing medical treatment. Satpal was convicted and charged in an injustice that the band compare to that of the Guildford Four."

The big difference of course is that Ram was there and he did it; the only crime the Guildford Four committed was being young, Irish and plausible if unlikely suspects.

The band’s new single Free Satpal Ram also gets a plug.

Band fights to free curry house killer, by Paul George, published in the Independent On Sunday, [CD-ROM], March 15, 1998.

A report on the band Primal Scream. They say Ram “is serving a life sentence for murder, was acting in self-defence against a racist attack. They claim that he is a political prisoner.”

Clarke Pearce is said yet again to have died because he refused medical treatment. The band are said to have raised five thousand pounds for the campaign last month. Ram is said, erroneously, to have been convicted in November 1987.

Unusually, Graham Rawlings, Deputy Governor of HMP Hull is quoted: “Ram’s behaviour is such that he is having to be segregated from other prisoners.”

Primals back campaign to free killer, published in

Reports that Primal Scream have jumped on the bandwagon; Gillespie and his band have recently visited Ram, who was then in Hull prison.

Music: Andy Gill’s album round-up, by Andy Gill, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], May 8, 1998, (Features 15).

The song Free Satpal Ram, we are told, refers to “the lengthy imprisonment of an Indian waiter who killed while defending himself from racist attack.”

The first word of this article is fitting: GARBAGE.

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast), CD-ROM version, September 16, 1998, page E5.

Reports that AsianDubFoundation’s song Free Satpal Ram is “one of the band’s most powerful English singles”.

Rockers in Freedom Call Over Balti Killer, by John Revill, published by Europe Intelligence Wire, [CD-ROM]. The source is given as the Guardian, February 14, 1999.

“Chart-topping rock band Primal Scream have used their latest album to appeal for the release of a convicted murderer from Birmingham.”

Appropriately their new album is called Exterminator.

Ram is said to have been put on a rehabilitation programme at Full Sutton Prison. He is described by one of his supporters as a political prisoner.

Twelve-year jail nightmare for the victim of racist abuse who claims he killed in self-defence, by Charlotte Bradshaw, published in The Express, 18/05/99. [Based on press cutting.]

Thirty-three year old Stan Butt is said to head the Free Satpal Campaign. AsianDubFoundation are said to have written the song Free Satpal Ram in 1995.

Band dedicates album to man’s fight for freedom, by Alison Gray, published in the Scotsman, [CD-ROM], February 15, 1999.

The Glasgow rock band Primal Scream are said to have dedicated their latest album to Ram, who “was attacked by six white men in a Birmingham restaurant in 1986. Having been stabbed twice, he pulled out a pen-knife in self defence and killed one of his assailants.”

According to his apologists, the system has got it in for Ram because he is Asian, and because he is working class. And Clarke Pearce wasn’t working class?

Time for a national civil rights movement, by Suresh Grover, published in LABOUR LEFT BRIEFING, March 1999, page 23.

This reports the imminent launch of the National Civil Rights Movement on March 28 at Camden Town Hall.

Gareth Pierce [sic], Suresh Grover and Mike Mansfield [sic] as well as CARF and Searchlight magazine are named as initial supporters.

Pop stars back campaign to free killer who claims he acted in self defence
, by Martin Banks, published in the Evening Mail

Some of Ram’s brain-dead supporters are pictured.

Ram was “subjected to racial abuse by a group of white men”.

If Stephen Lawrence had lived..., by Lauren Bari, published in An Phoblacht/REPUBLICAN NEWS, Thursday 3 June 1999. [WWW]

Ram was racially abused in a take-away by six white men, one of whom attacked him and “The racist refused treatment and died hours later.”

There aren’t many people take the IRA for a ride!

Satpal Ram harassed in jail, published in Searchlight, No 290, August 1999, page 15.

This short article (in the in brief...column), which is headed by a photograph of Ram, is as to be expected a tissue of lies. Ram is said to have been attacked by “a gang of six racists in a Birmingham restaurant”, charged with murder “He was not given the option of pleading self-defence and was sentenced to 15 years’ life imprisonment with a recomended tariff of ten years”. The reference to 15 years appears to be a typo, undoubtedly the only honest inaccuracy in the article. This magazine is notorious for its gratuitous lying but for once it seems to have been an innocent victim of disinformation. The article is based on a press release (which may have been quoted verbatim); the author credited is Lisa Das, on behalf of AsianDubFoundation.

Satpal Ram Parole Hearing, by David Turner, published on LabourNet UK, 9/11/99. [WWW]

A brief report giving details of his forthcoming parole hearing, a public meeting at the House of Commons, and a benefit gig. Curiously, Neville Lawrence is listed as of the speakers at the House meeting. Neville Lawrence was of course the father of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered by a knife-wielding thug like Ram.

Letter from Satpal Ram, published on the LabourNet UK website.

The letter is dated 11/11/99 so was probably published soon after. It is a typical Ram whine.

The madness of King Bobby and the court of Primal Scream.
, by James Oldham, published in New Musical Express, 13 NOVEMBER 1999, pages 18-9.

An expletive filled interview. Bobby Gillispie of Primal Scream says he visits Ram, who gets beaten up, tortured, ad nauseum. Jails are concentration camps for working class people.

For as long as anyone can remember, clubbing has been about forgetting your troubles and having a good time. But as a growing number of dance events espouse worthy causes, Ben Osborne looks at the responsible face of hedonism, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], November 19, 1999, page 14.

This is a report on a fund-raising gig for Ram scheduled to take place at the Scala Club in London.

Ram is said to have been attacked by a gang “in the notoriously racist area of Lozells in Birmingham”. Ram’s assertions of his innocence are said to have kept him in gaol for almost thirteen years. A cynical reader might suggest that his well warranted conviction for murder had something to do with it. The event is called Parole and is scheduled for November 22.

The band’s campaign is said to have resulted in the Home Secretary receiving some 30,000 postcards.

Demand Justice For Satpal Ram, by Arun Kundnani, published in Focus issue no 116, 26.11.99, page 2.

Focus is a trade union magazine (Unison). This article appears to be based on a press release by the Institute of Race Relations. It says that many Unison members will be familiar with this case.

Comment: Attacked for being a Paki, in jail for murder. It doesn’t add up: After 13 years in prison, Satpal Ram comes up for parole this week. But he should never have been inside, by Irvine Welsh, published in the Independent On Sunday, [CD-ROM], November 28, 1999.

No, Mr Welsh, it doesn’t add up, and it’s not true.

The Asians in the restaurant were abused by a group of white men. Clarke Pearce was stabbed with a pen knife after he cornered Ram with a broken glass.

“Still mouthing racial abuse, he was taken to hospital where he initially refused help.”

Welsh compares the case with Stephen Lawrence. Ram that is, not his victim.

Ram had no knowledge of the law, etc and ad nauseum.

TRAGIC FAMILY HITS AT CAMPAIGN FOR KILLER by Martin Banks, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, December 9, 1999, page 21.

The above is from the NewsUK database. The original article - which I read at Colindale - includes a photograph (see bottom of page).

Black music industry is a whiter shade of pale by Jane Robbins, published in The Independent, December 11, 1999.

The above is from the NewsUK database.

Jailing this man is not a laughing matter

This is yet another totally uncritical feature on this so-called miscarriage of justice, this time by an Asian journalist. The most fitting comment to make on this is that some of Ram’s staunchest supporters are comedians. See also Mr’s O’Neill’s letter.

Hansard (Lords), December 14, 1999, column 156.

According to Lord Desai, “...his was not a murder case but he is in gaol”. Apparently, it’s all down to racism.

Inside At Xmas, published in Socialist Worker, No 1677, 18 December 1999, page 10.

“SATPAL RAM was attacked in November 1995 by racists in a Birmingham Indian restaurant.”

The usual lies; they can’t even get the date right; November 1995 was of course the date of Ram’s second appeal. And - once again - the “attacker” did not die after refusing medical treatment. [WWW]

First Cumulative Index to the 2000 Edition, published by Sweet & Maxwell, (2000), page 5.

Ram’s failed second appeal is cited in case law:

R.v. Ram, December 7, 1995 considered” in Ullah 9805413.

The same entry appears at page 9 of the Second Edition, and will presumably appear in subsequent editions.

[Ram’s 1995 appeal has now become established case law].

Early Day Motion No 249 of 1999-2000 Session, tabled by the Labour MP John McDonnell January 12, 2000.

A tissue of lies.

Support Satpal Ram, by Arun Kundnani, published in Focus, issue no 119, 28.1.00, page 2.

This is based uncritically on a press release issued by the Institute of Race Relations. It contains the text of the Early Day Motion - signed at this point by five MPs.

“Satpal supporters are asked to contact their MPs and get them to sign the motion.”

A farcical trial and 13 years of racist abuse in jail - the story of Satpal Ram, by Jay Rayner, published in the Observer, Sunday January 30, 2000, page 13.

A lengthy and wilfully misleading report by a newspaper that should learn to distinguish between factual reporting and advocacy, and a journalist who should learn to fact check.

“He has never before been allowed to tell his side of the story.”

A lie.

“The facts of the case are deeply disturbing.”

The only disturbing thing about this case is the way saps like Jay Rayner have allowed themselves to be conned by this cowardly murderer.

The article reports, erroneously, that Prisons Minister Paul Boateng (rather than Ram) had been elected a vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement.

Balti House Killer Tells Of Prison Hell Ram [sic], by John Revill, published by Europe Intelligence Wire, [CD-ROM]. The source given is the Birmingham Post, January 31, 2000.

Ram says that Amnesty International has intervened in his case.

The above screengrab, which was added May 27, 2014, is from the NewsUK database, page 3, rather than from the CD-ROM originally consulted.

Pop: Asian Dub Foundation, Astoria, London, by Fiona Sturges, published in the Independent, [CD-ROM], January 31, 2000, (Features 15).

The song Free Satpal Ram “refers to the band’s long and well-documented campaign to release a 34 year-old Asian man, imprisoned after defending himself in a racist attack.”

“A version of this review appeared in later editions of Friday’s paper”.

Observer, February 6, 2000 - from the Guardian Archive. [WWW]

Reports that Ram was elected a vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement.

What we said, published in the Observer, [CD-ROM], February 6, 2000, page 28.

This is a correction to the claim that Paul Boateng had been elected a vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement rather than Ram, (see above).

Satpal Ram, published in Hansard, (Commons), Written Answers (143W), February 8, 2000.

Is this man a murderer - or victim of racism?, by Martin Banks, published in the Evening Mail (Birmingham), February 23, 2000, pages 8-9. [Based on photocopy.]

The answer to this inadvertently rhetorical question is that he’s a murderer.

This is an in-depth report on the campaign with the usual lack of critical faculty, although on page 9 there is a most welcome inset entitled Don’t ever free him, say family. It is claimed here that Clarke became engaged on his 21st birthday, in July 1986. Pearce was actually 22 on July 18, 1986, and according to Mrs O’Neill - who is obviously a far more reliable informant than Martin Banks - he became engaged on July 5, 1986. There are four photographs in this feature include: Ram, the victim, Clarke’s sister Jane Smith, and of a demonstration in support of Ram.

According to this article the Free Satpal Campaign was started in the weeks following the trial. The song Free Satpal Ram is said, erroneously, to have been released in 1995.

Mahinder Ram says his brother was a “fun-loving guy” and that “He never caused trouble or hurt anyone”. So what about his previous convictions?

An inset on page 9: Freedom campaign aims for debate in House of Commons, reports the Early Day Motion.

An aside here, Martin Banks has no business writing this sort of rubbish because he covered the case in some depth over the years. On one occasion, when Nadine O’Neill protested about the Evening Mail’s biased and inaccurate coverage she was told that if she wrote her version of the story the paper would publish it. She did so, and was informed that it couldn’t be published “for legal reasons”. Talk about gall.

Satpal Ram - in jail for fourteen years
‘Prison made me a revolutionary’, by Hassan Mahamdallie, published in Socialist Worker, No 1686, March 4, 2000, pages 8-9. [WWW]

All the usual lies and distortions plus an insight into Ram’s politics.

Arts: The Critics: Music: Pop: Moral minority
Asian Dub Foundation are not pop stars - more Noam Chomsky with a beatbox, by Martin Bright, published in the Observer, [CD-ROM], March 12, 2000, page 8.

This is a feature/review. Bright writes “I explain that I’m a news reporter who became interested in their work through their high-profile political campaigning in cases such as Satpal Ram an Asian man who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983 for the murder of a drunken racist who had slashed him in the face with a broken glass. ’I’m not really a music journalist,’ I tell them.”

You’re not really a journalist at all, writing garbage like that, Mr Bright.

Minister orders inquiry into racism at prison, by Vikram Dodd, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], March 17, 2000, page 11.

This article reports that prison officers have been known to write such outrageous comments as “talks in Paki” in their logs when recording details of inmates’ telephone conversations. Another such comment is “foreign crap, well dodgy”. (This non-story was widely reported at the time).

Some of this terrible language was being used at Full Sutton Prison, where Ram was being held at that time. The person making most of the noise about this outrage was John McDonnell, the Labour MP who was duped by the Free Satpal Campaign into tabling an Early Day Motion concerning Ram’s conviction and imprisonment. He demanded their suspension.

The previous day Prisons Minister Paul Boateng is said to have met with Ram supporters in his presence.

Music: Right here, right on, by Rajan Datar, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], March 17, 2000, page 14.

A feature/review about AsianDubFoundation and their latest album, which is said to display their “continued contempt for commercialism” - which is nowhere near as outrageous as their continued contempt for truth. Ram is said to have been wrongly convicted of murder in 1983 “they say”.

On record, by Mark Edwards, published in the Sunday Times, (Culture), [CD-ROM], March 19, 2000, page 20.

AsianDubFoundation are said to have chained themselves to the railings at a Free Satpal Ram demo.

If you think political pop is dead, prepare to be radically agitated, by Fiona Shepherd, published in the Scotsman, [CD-ROM], March 24, 2000.

A report on AsianDubFoundation and their mindless anthem Free Satpal Ram which is about a man who “was convicted of murder and given a life sentence 13 years ago after he stabbed a racist attacker.”

One of the band says they must have played the song 600 times and hopes they can soon stop playing it. Dream on. The group’s website is said to have more information about Ram.

Rock & Pop: Tunes to raise your fist to..., by Laurence Phelan, published in the Independent On Sunday, [CD-ROM], April 23, 2000.

A gullible music journalist reports how he signed the on-line petition for Ram after attending an AsianDubFoundation concert.

Sounding off - Dub style, by Lisa Verrico, published in the Times, April 24, 2000, Section 2, pages 24-5.

This is a music review:

“Has a bad word ever been said about Asian Dub Foundation?”
How about liars?

They are said by fellow Ram activist Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream to be “best live band in Britain”. The song Free Satpal Ram, with which they ended the set, is said to be a true story.

A plague on that Hague, published under Letters to the Editor in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], April 28, 2000, page 23.

A well-meaning but obviously ill-informed Dr Keith Halfacree believes the Conservative leader should join in the call for Ram’s release.

Victims and villains
Two men stab their attackers. One walks free, one is jailed. Guess which one was white., by Jeremy Hardy, published in the Guardian (Archive) June 24, 2000. [WWW]

The article begins, fittingly, with the words: “It is sometimes unwise to draw comparisons to make a point.”

The comparison here is with a postmaster who stabbed and killed a would-be robber (armed with a gun). According to Hardy, Ram was attacked by six white men with plates and glasses. The man who died is named as Stuart Pearce.

Glasgow Herald, July 10, 2000, page 14

The above is a letter from Alex Falconer under A court case that got little attention. It parrots the usual disinformation and outright lies (probably unwittingly, apparently from the Morning Star). Clark is again said to have refused hospital treatment and died due to blood loss.

Injustice, published in Socialist Worker, No 1713, 9 September 2000, page 14. [WWW]

Ram gets a paragraph over his alleged mistreatment in prison.

Home Office faces Satpal Ram lobby, published in the Morning Star, 18/09/00. [Based on press cutting.]

Ram is said to be “a black prisoner” and to have been “the victim of a racist attack by six men in Birmingham”. Unsurprisingly we are told that “Stuart Pearce” died “After refusing medical treatment”.

A demonstration is being held at the Home Office “today” to demand his immediate release.

WHAT JUSTICE FOR SATPAL?, by Nayab Chohan and Shahina Khatun, published in ASIAN TIMES (which is BRITAIN’S LEADING ASIAN NEWSPAPER), No. 904, Tuesday September 26, 2000, pages 4-5.

This is a big feature. It includes a totally unrelated photograph of left wing activists holding placards bearing the logos of the Anti-Racist Alliance and Anti Nazi League, and calling to close down the British National Party.

Harry Fletcher of the National Association of Probation Officers is quoted out of context. Clarke Pearce is said to have refused medical treatment; and Douglas Draycott is referred to as Ram’s solicitor who misread the pathologist’s report. The group Asian Dub Foundation are reported to have recorded a tribute to their “hero”, the words of which are published here.

Parole Hope For Convicted Murderer As Pressure Mounts In ‘Fight For Justice’, by John Revill, published by Europe Intelligence Wire, [CD-ROM], October 2, 2000. The source given is the Birmingham Post.

Later the hard copy was consulted: The Birmingham Post, MONDAY October 2 2000, Number 43,944, page 5.

Ram is pictured. It reports he has been interviewed by a Parole Board officer. Deedar Zaman of AsianDubFoundation is quoted on the CCRC. Ram was then currently in Full Sutton.

The trial judge is said to have given Ram a tariff of eleven years.

Ram is pictured. A photo of the great man appears too on page 2 of the paper under the index column:

Freedom near: A Birmingham man jailed for life for a murder he claims was in self defence could be released by the end of the year

Asian Times, No. 905, October 3, 2000, page 6.

A letter from “Shah” of Bradford writing in to express his approval of the Ram campaign and of the coverage given by the Asian Times.

Asian Times, No. 906, October 10, 2000, page 6.

A lot of verbal from Channel 4 comedian Mark Thomas calling for support of the November 16 visit to Downing Street.

Man Jailed For Murder Steps Nearer to Freedom, by Helen Bruce, published by Europe Intelligence Wire, [CD-ROM], October 30, 2000.

The source given is the Birmingham Post. The screengrab above is from the NewsUK database.

Satpal Ram published under INSIDE NEWS in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 157, October/November 2000, page 13.

Reports that Ram was interviewed by a member of the Parole Board on September 18, 2000. The Criminal Cases Review Commission was set to decide whether or not to refer his case back to the Court of Appeal on November 28. [This decision was actually deferred.]

News Of The World, November 12, 2000, page 11.

Here in the Siôn Simon column under FREE SATPAL NOW we are told “Fourteen years ago Mr Ram was the victim of a racist attack in a restaurant. He was badly beaten up but defended himself. One of his attackers died as a result of refusing treatment. Mr Ram got ten years. So far he’s done 14...”

Mr Ram got life, of course.

Freedom campaign goes to No 10, published in the Evening Mail
, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2000, page 3.

A spokesman for Miscarriages of Justice UK told the Birmingham newspaper: “We cannot believe Satpal is still in prison for defending himself all those years ago.”

The marchers were said to be going to Downing Street today.

The screengrab above is from the NewsUK database; originally I consulted the microfilm at Colindale.

Murderer’s Freedom Fight, published by Europe Intelligence Wire, [CD-ROM], November 25, 2000. The source given is the Birmingham Post.

“The Criminal Cases Review Commission is expected to back Satpal Ram when it makes a decision on whether to refer his case [back to the Court of Appeal] early next week” This claim turned out to have been wishful thinking.

Self Defence is no offence:
free Satpal Ram!
, published in LABOUR LEFT Briefing, DECEMBER 2000, page 8.

This article is based uncritically on a press release issued by the Free Satpal Campaign. Click here for a letter to Briefing pointing out the lies and distortions therein.

CARF, issue 59, DEC 2000/JAN 2001, page 7.

A photograph of four men - three of them in turbans and two of those apparently quite old - protesting outside Downing Street on November 16 re Ram. The fourth man pictured is “Apache Indian”.

It is suggested that Ram might have a case under the new Human Rights Act for his right to privacy, etc.

Page 16 (back page) under diary of race and resistance OCT-NOV 2000, the entry reads:

16 NOV Anniversary of racist attack on Satpal Ram in Birmingham fourteen years ago which led to his imprisonment for murder

Satpal Ram in punishment block, published in FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!, Number 158, December 2000/January 2001, page 13.

Man jailed for 1986 killing seeks right to appeal, by Severin Carrell, published in the Independent, January 8, 2001, page 10.

This article recycles all the usual garbage about Ram; uncritical down to the knife. The age of the victim (Clarke Pearce that is, in case you forgot) is given as 21 rather than 22. He was said to have been “egged on by his friends”. New evidence is said to have been submitted to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. In reality of course this is neither new nor evidence.

It is difficult to say where these lies come from; as this article is apparently based on a telephone interview of Ram by the paper, it may have come from him, or it may have been embroidered in the usual journalistic manner.

An accompanying photograph of Ram proves the newspaper’s lack of integrity is exceeded only by its sloppy journalism; it is captioned Satpal Ram: Killed a man during a brawl at work.

FROM MURDERER TO MARTYR Killer’s hate campaign against victim extends beyond the grave, by Alexander Baron, published in Identity MAGAZINE OF THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY, Issue 5, January 2001, pages 6-7. [External link]

This magazine was published around about the first or second week in January although it didn’t come through my door until the 18th. The version of the article which appears here has been edited to suit the BNP’s agenda, but it contains no serious factual errors, and no lies at all. Unlike the filth spewed out by the Free Satpal Campaign.

The article was later reprinted on the BNP’s website under the title From murderer to martyr: the Satpal Ram saga.

Killer’s Hate Campaign Against Victim Extends Beyond The Grave

This (original) version of this article was printed and published as a stand alone article February 2, 2001. The four page (folded A3) leaflet has a copy of the Birmingham Evening Mail report of November 17, 1986 printed on the back.

Satpal Ram:

“A Fact Sheet Refuting
The Lies And Distortions Of The
Free Satpal Campaign”,
by Alexander Baron,
published by InoText Manuscripts, London, (February 2001).

This 16 page A4 pamphlet is the first major critique of the Free Satpal Campaign’s lies and distortions.

Comment & Analysis: A better class of snacks, by Jeremy Hardy, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], February 7, 2001, page 19.

More lies from one of Ram’s white liberal apologists.

Review: The Critics: POP: Preaching to the diverted, by Burhan Wazir, published in the Observer, [CD-ROM], March 11, 2001, page 12.

Ram is referred to en passant as a victim of “British race crime”.

Five cases taken up by Mojo, published in theObserver, March 18, 2001, page 15.

Ram gets a very brief mention in this inset in a much longer article (by Amelia Hill).

Supporting Satpal Ram, a letter published in the Asian Times, No. 928, March 20, 2001, page 10:

This letter doesn’t actually mention Ram but claims, erroneously, that an admission of guilt is necessary before parole will be considered. It is signed “Satpal Ram Campaign”.

Freedom fight is stepped up
Supporters’ new move for killer, by Martin Banks, published in the Evening Mail, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2001, page 12.

The de rigueur photograph of Ram’s battered face is shown, as is Apache Indian.

Supporters are said to be calling for two “International Days of Action”.

Performing for justice, by Martin Smith, published in the column in my view in Socialist Worker, No 1743, 14 April 2001, page 11. A report on a concert in Central London which included AsianDubFoundation, one of whose members made a speech calling for the release of Satpal Ram whose crime was “Defending himself from attack by a gang of white racists”.

Ram’s photograph appears at the bottom of the article.

Hansard, (Commons), June 28, 2001, column 126.

It is revealed in a written answer that Ram has been allowed escorted visits to his (terminally ill) mother.

Free Satpal Ram!, published in how to beat the racists, September 2001, page 10.

This publication is said to “a workers’ liberty pamphlet”. It is edited by Mark Osborn but the article, which is headed by a photograph of Ram’s bruised face, is based uncritically on the usual effusions of Ram’s liars. Ram is said to have been attacked by six white men wielding broken bottles, one of whom he stabbed with “a small knife” and who refused medical treatment and died shortly afterwards. Ram’s conviction is based on a mixture of racism and poor legal advice, etc.

“What happened to Satpal Ram is indicative of the racism and brutal authoritarianism of Britain’s criminal justice system”.

No comrades, the real causes of Ram’s predicament are a sharp knife, a short temper, a violent disposition, and a skinful of alcohol.

Asian fights jail term for murder, by Richard Ford, published in the Times, September 10, 2001, page 5.

Gareth Peirce is quoted in the same vein as in the Guardian, September 11 (see Murderer refused... below).

Ram is said to be 34 and to be seeking a second appeal. The Parole Board is said to have recommended his release in 1999. Clarke Pearce is said to have racially abused the restaurant waiters.

Ram was actually 35 at the time this article was published, and his case had already been before the Court of Appeal twice.

Straw vetoed parole for self-defence killer, by Alan Travis, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], September 10, 2001, page 5.

More nonsense from the Guardian. Ram was “pushed up against a wall with no means of escape, and he used a small packing knife from his job as a warehouseman to defend himself.”

New “evidence” from the waiters is said to have been submitted to the CCRC.

Murderer refused appeal hearing of race attack claim, by Vikram Dodd, published in the Guardian, September 11, 2001, page 4.

According to Dodd, this case has become one of the most controversial alleged miscarriages of justice. He reports, incorrectly, that Ram was given a tariff of eleven years on his conviction.

According to Ram’s lawyer, Gareth Peirce, the Criminal Cases Review Commission published a 42 page judgment which contains “serious errors”. She says: “It’s very clear to very many informed people that Satpal Ram should not have been convicted of murder”. People informed by you, presumably Mrs Peirce.

‘Please let me see my dead mom’
Convicted Satpal Ram who killed racist in self-defence prevented from visiting mother, by Chris Kelsey, published in Indiaweekly, Friday, 14 September - Thursday, 20 September 2001, page 1.

This was the week that the worst terrorist attack in history massacred thousands of innocent people, and on the front cover of this newspaper is a photograph of Satpal Ram. Will wonders never cease? The story is billed as an exclusive.

Apparently Ram was permitted to attend his father’s funeral in handcuffs.

On page 6, under COMMENT - an editorial - reports on A terrible miscarriage of justice

It compares Ram’s attendance at his father’s funeral with that of Jeffrey Archer at his mother’s funeral. Archer was not handcuffed.

[For the benefit of future readers, Jeffrey Archer (Lord Archer) was gaoled earlier this year for four years for perjury and perverting the course of justice in connection with a 1987 libel action. His mother died just before his conviction, and he was permitted to attend her funeral. Archer is widely regarded with no little justification as a total scumbag, but Ram’s crime was of a different magnitude.]

Race Card And Incessant Lies in Ram Case.
, published in Final Conflict, issue 27, (undated but published around mid-September 2001), page 4.

An article, about half a page in length, written by the current writer for this racial-nationalist magazine. It has been edited to conform to a political agenda (I have never claimed the murder of Clarke Pearce was racially motivated) and by the time the article was published Ram was no longer a Category C prisoner as stated therein.

In 1986 a judge said this man should spend twelve years in jail. So why is he still behind bars? Simon Hattenstone on how justice abandoned Satpal Ram, published in the Guardian newspaper (G2) supplement, September 20, 2001, pages 1-4.

An outrageous article full of lies and distortions. Click here for full critique.

Satpal Ram is innocent, by Pandit G, published in Socialist Worker, 22 September 2001, No 1767, page 15.

The same old boring rubbish. Ram’s battered face is shown, and Pandit G of AsianDubFoundation, demands a) that Ram be returned to an open prison and b) that he be released. Ram’s “attacker died later, and Satpal was convicted of murder”, etc and ad nauseum.

See my reply.

Civil “Rights” - Uncivil Lies, by Alexander Baron.

This article was first published on the British National Party’s website on September 26, 2001. It contains three paragraphs on Satpal Ram as part of an analysis of the National Civil Rights Movement’s lie campaign.

No justice for racial abuse victims in UK, by Reeta Sharma, published in The Tribune, October 24, 2001. [WWW]

This is an Indian newspaper published at Chandigarh. The on-line edition is published in English. This article covers the cases of Lakhvinder Reel and Ram. Ram’s victim is named as Clarke Pierce, who was said to be one of a group of “Six drunken White men” who attacked Ram and his friends. And of course, Clarke died because he refused medical treatment.

This article appears to be based uncritically on the report published on the website of the National Civil Rights Movement, with a bit of - probably innocent - embellishment.

On October 16, 2002, the current writer wrote to the newspaper snailmail, and the letter was published verbatim in the October 23 issue. You can’t get fairer than that.

Stop the cover up, published in Carf, issue 64, OCT/NOV 2001, page 14.

The photo of Ram’s bruised face appears here (and in the table of contents on page 2).

It is claimed that Ram was sentenced to eleven years for murder in 1987 “following a racist attack in which he defended himself”. No chaps, he received a life sentence for the murder of an innocent man.

This article contains some interesting information - which may well be true - in particular it is claimed that then Prisons Minister Paul Boateng tried to produce some sort of secret deal to decategorise and release Ram.

We are told again that Ram was not permitted to enter a plea of self-defence at his trial, that a vital witness was not called, etc. After he was sent to an open prison in July of this year, Ram was charged with assault on prison officers “which he denies”, well, he would, wouldn’t he?

European court verdict will allow 1,300 murderers to have their cases reviewed, by Ian Burrell, published in the Independent, 28 May 2002, page 2.

This is a report on the Stafford judgment. Ram is pictured.

MURDERERS WITH A RIGHT TO REVIEW, published in the Independent, 29 May 2002, page 4. [CD-ROM]

Ram is top of the list. The Parole Board is said to have ruled that he should have been released in 1999.

Winston Silcott and (triple cop killer) Harry Roberts are also included.

SATPAL MAY BE FREED ‘Prisoner of conscience’ close to release after 15 years in prison, by Abul Taher, published in Eastern Eye THE VOICE OF ASIAN BRITAIN, Issue 639, Friday May 31, 2002, page 1.

A recent photograph of Ram appears on the front page. Suresh Grover is quoted thus: “There’s no question that Satpal should never have been sent to prison”.

Page 2: European Court paves way for Satpal release

Clark [sic] Pearce is said to have been “a known racist”, whatever that means. (As since the ludicrous Macpherson Report we are all racist, presumably we all deserve to be knifed in the back).

Ram is said to have used “a small knife” in self-defence.

“Pearce later died in hospital, mainly due to blood loss because he refused medical treatment.”

Ram’s tariff is said - inaccurately - to have been set at 13 years.

The screengrab below is from

This is part of the article that appears in the May-July 2002, vol 12 no 3 Statewatch bulletin, and is typical uncritical reporting.


This appears under a column called JUSTICE and is a report on the then recent decision by the European Court of Human Rights. Ram is said to be the only prisoner kept in gaol by the Home Secretary in the past four years in spite of a parole board recommendation to the contrary.

He is said too to have been moved more than 72 times “to different prisons” during his sentence. [This will not be 72 different institutions, just moves]. The average number of moves for a lifer is said to be six. This information - for what it is worth - was put out by the Ram campaign. At the end of the article, the NCRM’s website address is given.

Asian who killed man in race row freed after 15 years, by Vikram Dodd, published in the Guardian, June 15, 2002, page 7.

This appears under National news.

It is a report on the imminent release of Ram, whose friends and supporters say is the victim of one of the worst miscarriages of justice in recent years.

According to Dodd, Ram said Clarke Pearce, had racially abused him before attacking and slashing him with broken glass. The judge at his trial had recommended he serve an 11 year sentence, but Mr Ram was kept in jail longer as he refused to admit his guilt.

Ram’s lawyer, Daniel Guedalla, is quoted: “It does not mean they accept he is innocent and he is still challenging his wrongful conviction. This is a victory but not complete vindication. He is still on a life licence until his conviction is quashed. He lost 18 months or more of his liberty because of Jack Straw interfering.”

Ram was was eating with two friends when a group of six white people arrived in the restaurant.

A fight broke out when the white group started racially abusing the waiters. Clarke smashed a glass on the table and stabbed Ram twice in the face and in the wrist. Pushed up against a wall with no means of escape, Ram used a small packing knife from his job to defend himself.

Jane Smith is quoted from the Birmingham Evening Mail: “I’m disgusted. Life should mean life. He murdered my brother.”

Freedom for man jailed in 1987 over fatal stabbing, by Arifa Akbar, published in the Independent, 19 June 2002, page 4.

A report on Ram’s release the previous day, and the usual propaganda.

‘I was threatened with hanging by racist prison guards’, by Arifa Akbar, published in the Independent, June 20, 2002, page 6.

Ram is pictured in this article.

He is said to have served 15 years after being convicted of murdering a man who he said had racially attacked him. He spoke too of the abuse and bigotry he says he suffered in gaol.

Not for the first time this cowardly murderer likens himself to Stephen Lawrence. He claims to have been stabbed twice with a broken glass, and defended himself with “a small packing knife”.

We are told that Jack Straw over-ruled the Parole Board because Ram had refused to admit his guilt. Ram said he would be bringing a civil case for unlawful imprisonment for his incarceration during the past 18 months.

“I feel there should be a public inquiry as to why I have been unlawfully held in prison since October 2000,” he said.

“The court have ruled that the Home Secretary acted unlawfully. I feel that he should now be charged with unlawful imprisonment.”

[The above quotes are verbatim.]


The 15 year campaign to free him included a petition with 2,000 signatures. [Ie of dupes, mugs and liars].

Etc and ad nauseum.

I was victimised says freed prisoner
Government decides not to contest judicial review
, by Vikram Dodd, published in the Guardian, June 20, 2002, page 10.

This article appears under the National news column. It features a photograph of Ram shortly after his release, and is typical, uncritical Guardian rubbish.

Ram is said to have described himself as a political prisoner.

The trial judge is said to have recommended he serve 11 years. Wrong.

Ram was kept in jail longer because he refused to admit his guilt. Wrong.

Mr Ram said: “If I hadn’t defended myself I would have ended up another statistic. I was primarily the victim of an unprovoked attack.” Lie.

Ram: “I feel that the then home secretary, Jack Straw, should now be charged with false imprisonment.” Count your blessings, Satpal.

He said Mr Pearce’s death was “tragic”. A tragic murder, yes.

“I’ve had 74 transfers in the prison system, spent six years in solitary and lost both my parents. I’ve suffered a lot.”

The excessive number of transfers was entirely his own fault. How is the prison service to blame for his parents’ deaths?

“Mr Ram’s family say he was wrongly convicted because his lawyers made basic errors during his trial. A crucial witness was not called. And no translator was provided for a witness who spoke only Bengali.” As I said, typical, uncritical Guardian rubbish.

Murderer freed as European Court overrules minister, by Michael Horsnell, published in the Times, June 20, 2002, page 10.

This report includes a photograph of Ram straight out of gaol. He is said to have stabbed a white man “during a struggle”.

He is said to claim that Home Secretary David Blunkett should be charged with false imprisonment.

According to Ram, Clarke Pearce racially abused and slashed him with a broken glass; he was pushed up against the wall and used “a small packing-knife” to defend himself.

Over his imprisonment Ram says “I am angry but not bitter”.

Jane Smith says she will take the matter to the Home Secretary and the European Court.

More victims of racism lie rotting in our prisons, by Amar Singh, published in the Independent, June 22, 2002, page 19.

The article begins: “At last, Satpal Ram is free.” And it gets worse from there.

Ram was convicted of murder after defending himself against a – bore, bore – racist attacker.

“Defending yourself against a racist attacker is a bold deed, but defending your name and honour for 15 years in such horrendous conditions is an even braver and rarer act of defiance that should one day see Satpal honoured appropriately.”

What planet is this guy living on?

Again, Ram has the gall to compare himself with Stephen Lawrence.


Amazingly, the racist nature of the attack was never even offered for the consideration of the jury. Satpal had been “filled with fear” as a group of white men hurled racist abuse at him, calling him a “wog” and a “Paki”. And what about Ram’s attacker, Clarke Pearce? An innocent victim is seldom a man who corners someone in a restaurant and stabs him twice in the wrist with a broken wine glass. Pearce died, allegedly, after he refused treatment from a female doctor and pulled out the drips that were being used to treat him before discharging himself and dying later at home. You will forgive me, if my sympathies rest with the “murderer” and not the “victim” this time.


Ram is said to be “a community hero” for many British Asians.

The article rambles on about other things and returns to Ram. The author is said to be the editor of Asian Xpress. Click here for reply.

Release for prisoners, published in Tribune, 28 June 2002, page 4.

This report appears under the TRIBUNE News column.

A new photograph of Ram appears in the article.

“Mr Ram was convicted of manslaughter” That’s news to me.
His victim’s name is given as “Charles Pearce”
Ram was of course the victim of, bore, bore, a racist attack.

See letter below for refutation.

Wardens gave me a noose and said ‘go hang yourself’, EXCLUSIVE by Abul Taher, published in Eastern Eye THE VOICE OF ASIAN BRITAIN, Issue 643, Friday June 28, 2002, page 1.

Continued on page 4 as ‘Racist prison guards victimised me’

And also, page 4:


Ram used “a small knife” and “Pearce would later die in hospital of blood loss, not so much from the wounds but because he refused medical treatment” ad nauseum.

Ram is pictured on page 1. On page 4 he is pictured again, as is Jack Straw, and Clarke Pearce.

Page 6: an editorial, Eastern Eye says reports Satpal Ram victorious, and pledges to support Ram’s fight to clear his name.

European court frees British Indian, published in Indiaweekly, Friday, June 28 &ndash Thursday, July 04, 2002, Volume 38, Issue 128, page 11.

Ram’s solicitor is said to be “Gareth Pierce” and “He is the solicitor who famously overturned the convictions of the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four”.

Gareth “Peirce” is of course no manner of “He”, and solicitors do not overturn convictions.

Ram is said to have spent four of his thirteen years in solitary confinement, yet the campaign lasted fifteen years.

A photograph of Ram’s bruised face appears alongside an inset of Apache Indian. Ram was said to have been attacked by “white youths” and “hit back with a penknife” after being stabbed in the face with a piece of broken glass.

The newspaper is subtitled Reaching the heart of the Asian community. This website aims to reach for its brain!

Pandit G turns down MBE
, published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS, 29 JUNE 2002, page 9.

John Pandit of the band "also spoke to NME about the ‘amazing victory’ that has brought about the release of Satpal Ram"

The interviewee is pictured.

Ram’s victim attacked him, of course.

Asian musician refuses his MBE, by Adam Sherwin, published in the Times, June 29, 2012, page 15

60 SECOND INTERVIEW, published in London Metro, July 2, 2002. page 10.

The subject of this newspaper column is Chandrasonic, guitarist with AsianDubFoundation.

“Fiercely political, the band contributed to the successful campaign to free Satpal Ram - an Asian man who claims he was wrongfully convicted of murder...”

Asked if he felt justified by Ram’s release, Chandrasonic replied: “Lots of people worked really hard...We helped with publicity but people on the ground worked much harder for him.”

Ram’s lie machine certainly did.

Johnson and Ram free at last, by Fern Lane, published in An Phoblacht/REPUBLICAN NEWS, Thursday July 4 2002. [WWW]

Ram continues to enjoy the uncritical support of the IRA. To Article.

‘Imperialistic’ award snubbed by Pandit G
, by Abul Taher, published in Eastern Eye, Issue 644 Friday July 5, 2002, page 4.

“ADF has also campaigned vehemently for the release of Satpal Ram, and even wrote a song titled Free Satpal Ram.”

SHOCKING ABUSE OF AN INNOCENT MAN..., published in Eastern Eye THE VOICE OF ASIAN BRITAIN, Issue 644, Friday July 5, 2002, page 23.

This is the letters page Letters @ EE

There are several letters praising Ram’s virtues, including one from Anver Jeevanjee, an individual who claims to be a former “Black Member” of the Board of Visitors, Winchester Prison.

Satpal Ram - 16 years in jail
I kept fighting to win freedom
Satpal defended himself from a racist attacker. He ended up in 74 prisons
, by Hassan Mahamdallie, published in Socialist Worker, 6 July 2002, No 1807, pages 8-9. [WWW].

The unrepentant murderer is interviewed by an uncritical Asian journalist.

“He was wrongfully convicted of murder after he stabbed a racist attacker in self defence” and so oppressed was he that he “ran a huge international campaign from his prison cell”.

Ram says he is angry but not bitter at the way he has been treated. He doesn’t think much of the Criminal Cases Review Commission: “I always maintained I acted in self defence, and I refused to accept my guilt”.

He says he was transferred a total of 74 times and had spent six years in solitary confinement. Ram says it was his supporters who secured his release, and he thanks them all. [All the mugs].

Of the trial: “The police presented the evidence in reverse. They made me out to be the instigator...I should never have been convicted.”

Ram calls his hero George Jackson “an amazing, beautiful brother” and says if ever he were to emulate anybody it would be Jackson. Ram did emulate him, of course, because Jackson was a cold-blooded murderer too.

He doesn’t think much of Jack Straw who said “I was a risk and should remain in prison”, and he doesn’t think much of Paul Boeteng either, who he feels is “a total careerist”.

At the end of the article is a brief chronology which includes:

“1986:...Pierce suffers two knife wounds, refuses hospital treatment and later dies.”

And “1987: Satpal is convicted of murder. The trial is flawed, from his lawyers’ advice to the lack of translators for vital witnesses to the attack.”


Ram’s parole is blocked by Home Secretary Jack Straw “because Satpal has not admitted his ‘guilt’, he is a ‘danger to the public’”.

Of Bhagat Singh, cine stars and racism, by Sanjay Suri, published in the LONDON DIARY column of The Tribune, ON LINE EDITION, Chandigarh, India, Monday, July 8, 2002. [WWW]

This is the main story; the report of Ram’s release appears under a sub-title Victim of racism. Ram’s release is referred to as heart-warming news.

The record has since been set straight with this newspaper!

Curiously it is claimed here that Ram would soon have to return to prison. This is probably based on a misreading of a report somewhere, or perhaps a lack of understanding of how the British legal system works.

It is claimed that too many prominent Punjabis have kept away from the case, perhaps because they did not want to appear to be supporting a murderer. Or perhaps they have visited this site!

Satpal Ram- 16 years in jail: I kept fighting to win freedom, By leoni, published by independant media center, 09/07/2002 At 00:56. [WWW]

The novel spelling of “independant” and the American spelling of “center” are not errors by the bibliographer. This is an important interview because it is straight from the horse’s mouth. The interviewer is again Hassan Mahamdallie, uncritical as ever. Here it is claimed/admitted that Ram ran the campaign of lies and defamation against his victim from his prison cell. As well as giving his views on the politics of the day, Ram once again expresses his admiration for his fellow murderer George Jackson: “an amazing, beautiful brother.”

This is the same interview as published in the July 6 on-line report from Socialist Worker, (above).

There was no error of judgement, by Alexander Baron, published in Tribune, 12 July 2002, page 23.

A letter exposing Ram’s lie campaign published in this left wing publication. It was published more or less verbatim, although they got my postcode wrong!

Satpal Ram was released after 16 years in prison in what was seen as a travesty of justice...
, interview with Chris Kelsey, published in Indiaweekly, Volume 38, Issue 131, Friday, July 19 - Thursday, July 25 2002, page 11.

An old photograph of Ram is merged with the title; Ram supporters John Pandit and Ram’s brother Mohinder are pictured.

Ram says in the early days it was only his family who campaigned.

He says he has always accepted responsibility “for the loss of life”; he doesn’t say much about the murder.

He says the most senior judge in the country recommended he serve 10 years, but he served 16.

And of course he used “a works knife”

According to Ram, it was unforgiveable that the prison authorities wouldn’t allow him to visit his mother on her death bed.

No victor, no vanquished, by Duncan Mayhew, published in Tribune, 26 July 2002, page 23.

A reply to the current writer’s letter published in the 12 July 2002 issue (see above). Clearly Mayhew doesn’t like Alexander Baron, but he totally agrees with him about Ram’s lie machine.

The ‘Indian hot list’ in Britain, by Hasan Suroor, published in THE HINDU, Sunday, Aug 04, 2002. [WWW]

This is said to be the “Online edition of India’s National Newspaper”.

This front page story from the International section is datelined LONDON AUG. 3. Ram is said to figure among the top ten of the most admired Asians in Britain. Blasphemous author Salman Rushdie and political fixer Keith Vaz are also on the list.

Ram is said to be seen as a symbol of resistance against racism rather than a drunken thug who habitually carried an illegal weapon and used it on a hapless stranger.

Incorrect reports, by Alexander Baron, published in the MAILBAG column, The Tribune, (ONLINE EDITION), Chandigarh, Wednesday, October 23, 2002. [WWW]

This letter was posted to this newspaper after I read the on-line edition. It has been published more or less verbatim.

Dot Con
Mark Oliver looks at the growing phenomenon of prisoners’ websites and asks if links from the clink are a good idea
, published in the Guardian, December 17, 2002. [WWW]

“A positive reason to support prisoner websites, is that they could be useful tools in genuine miscarriages of justice. The band Asian Dub Foundation used their website to campaign for Satpal Ram, who was released this year after serving 16 years for a murder committed during an assault by a group of white men in Birmingham.”

, published in alternative green, ISSUE 33, pages 16-8.

The above publication came through my door January 15, 2003.

Number 4 Satpal Ram [achiever], published in reality Magazine/barfiCulture, Wednesday, 22nd Jan, 2003. [WWW]

This is part of an article entitled Top 10 Achievers And Losers Of 2002.

See also the response.

IN ENEMY TERRITORY, by Matt Munday, published in THE BIG ISSUE, JAN 27-FEB 2 2003, NO. 524, pages 12-4.

This is also the cover story; the front page reads:


This is an interview with these pseuds whose new album Enemy Of The Enemy is out February 3.

Page 13 is taken up with a photo of the band.

On pages 12 & 14 the reader is informed that Satpal Ram was an Indian waiter who “had stabbed a man to death in the course of defending himself from an unprovoked racist attack...finally freed on parole last year after serving 15 years”.

And if Ram is returned to gaol “we’ll kick the whole thing off again”.

January 12, 2004.

Judgment was given in the following:

Administrative Court Judgment Neutral Citation Number [2004] EWHC 1 (Admin) Case No. 3159/2001.


Achiever Or Loser?
, by Alexander Baron, published in reality, February 12, 2004. [WWW]

This is an article/essay posted to the Asian Barfi Culture website. Ram had been named Asian achiever number 4 of the year 2002 in reality, the on-line magazine which is part of - or integrated into - this site. Readers can comment on the articles - and this was my comment. There had been no response by February 28 - when the webpage was downloaded.

Above my article is some less incisive comment, and above that Ram’s nomination: a photo of the man himself with three paragraphs explaining why he is such a wonderful person.

September 20, 2004: JUDGE FOR YOURSELF: How Many Are Innocent? by L.A. Naylor, published by Roots, London, (2004).

The above is a full length book about miscarriages of justice, real and imagined. If the name of the author is not familiar to you, L.A. Naylor is dedicated Satpal Ram liar Lesley Naylor. In spite of its Guardian reviewer Eric Allison calling her book excellent, L.A. Naylor, L A Naylor, LA Naylor, or however she styles herself, Lesley Naylor said everything she can say about this case in her interview with me four years earlier.

September 27, 2005: Legal Pluralism In Conflict: Coping With Cultural Diversity In Law by Prakash Shah is published.

November 4, 2011: Clarke Pearce (1964-86) – twenty-five years gone, not forgotten, by Alexander Baron, published on/in Digital Journal. [WWW]

November 16, 2011: November 16 — A bad day for British actors, by Alexander Baron, published on/in Digital Journal. [WWW]

November 18, 2014: A Day To Remember A Murder by Alexander Baron. [WWW]

The above Wikinut article was published two days after the 28th anniversary of the murder of Clarke Pearce.

January 5, 2016: The papers relating to Regina v Ram are opened at Kew. See also Chronology.

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