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December 24, 2000
Dear Sir,
I wish to draw your attention to a number of distortions in the article "Self Defence is no offence: free Satpal Ram!" which appears in the latest issue. Satpal Ram was not attacked by "a gang of six white men who racially abused him"; Ram stabbed Clarke Pearce in the neck in an argument over music in an Indian restaurant. Mr Pearce was 22 years old and a Post Office worker, an ordinary working man. He was dining with five other people, including his sister Mrs Nadine O'Neill, and his fiancee. 
Ram used a flick knife on his victim - an illegal weapon - then left the scene of the crime. He gave himself up the following week after trying to obtain a passport to skip the country (he was born in Britain).
One prosecution witness testified that Ram asked "Is he dead?" and on being told no said: "Well he's fucking gonna be."
Ram's campaigners have spread and continue to spread not only the grossest distortions and misrepresentations about this senseless murder but to heap the most vile abuse on both the victim and his family. The slightest critical examination of the evidence - even that sent to the current writer by the Ram campaign - leaves one in no doubt that the jury returned the correct verdict, and that the Court of Appeal has correctly endorsed that verdict on two occasions.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Unsurprisingly, this letter went unanswered.

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