Explanatory Note

Over the past few years the WorldWideWeb has radically altered the nature of research. Previously my starting point for researching any subject would have been the Times or relevant citations index, or perhaps the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and then on to more specialised sources: a standard work, academic journals, Public Record Office files, etc. Nowadays the starting point for almost any field of research is the WorldWideWeb. Citations on the Web (ie hits on Yahoo! and other search engines) for the murder of Clarke Pearce and the Ram campaign, already run into the hundreds, the overwhelming majority of them parroting the same old lies over and over again. The following short chronological bibliography * is exclusively of printed sources of which I have seen hard copy. ** Off-line, most of my research on this subject has been conducted in the British Library at St Pancras, Colindale (the Newspaper Library); and the Supreme Court Library. Europe Intelligence Wire was consulted on CD-ROM at Croydon Central Reference Library and Westminster Central Reference Library.

This bibliography is far from inclusive. I have not attempted to list every single article in which the name Satpal Ram appears. This applies particularly to the music press and the music sections of mainstream newspapers. The championing of Ramís case by AsianDubFoundation and similar bands, and in particular the release of the song Free Satpal Ram has led to his name cropping up in numerous databases.

* The entries are in chronological order as far as possible.

** If the letters WWW appear after the entry, the publication was viewed on-line. An increasing number of publications are available on-line; excellent links to many journals: academic, local, national and world, can be found on the British Libraryís website.

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