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Satpal Ram [achiever]
Satpal Ram On the 18th of June 2002, Satpal Ram walked through the prison gates for the last time, finally freed, but not yet fully vindicated by a system that kept him in Prison since 1987 for all the wrong reasons. Satpal Ram's story is of a man determined to prove his innocence and fight his wrongful conviction since the day they put him in prison.

Satpal Ram is serving a life sentence for defending himself against a racist attacker. A fight developed when the white group started racially abusing the waiters complaining about the "fucking wog music" being played in the restaurant. After being stabbed twice, Satpal took out a small knife which he used at work to open packages and tried to warn off his attacker. In the struggle the attacker received two knife wounds. The attacker, who refused medical treatment, later died. Satpal was later arrested on a charge of murder.

Threatened with legal action that continued imprisonment of Satpal was unlawful the Treasury Solicitor for the Home Office threw in the towel and signed the documents for his release. In 2001 the home secretary personally intervened to overturn a recommendation for Satpal Ram to come out of Parole. His unlawful imprisonment attracted massive support, including artists such as Asian Dub Foundation, Prodigy and Apache Indian. For standing upto, and winning against British injustice, this man deserves serious respect.

Salman Khan [loser]
Salman Khan Illegal hunting of endangered animals, allegation of wife beating, and alcohol abuse have rocked Salman Khan's lifeand bollywood career to the core. The innocent face of "Dil" and "Maine pyar kiya" shaved his chest, started body building and decided to become the Southall rudeboy equivalent of Mumbai's film industry.

His inclusion on the list comes due to other reasons though. In addition to his alleged dealings and involvement with the Mumbai underworld, Salman Khan was arrested in October for running over people while under the influence of alcohol, killing 1 and injuring 4 others. He was arrested and charged and spent time in jail, but this being India, he soon walked off without proper punishment. This is dedicated to his absolutely despicable behaviour.


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Top 10 Achievers And Losers Of 2002
by Reality Magazine
Wednesday, 22nd Jan, 2003

Top 10 Achievers And Losers - 2001.
by the REALITY magazine [Annual feature]
Friday, 21st Dec, 2001

   sandeep Posted:   09:40am, Sat 11, Jan

i feel sunita done a top job by leaving big brother so quickly. maybe it took her a few days to realise how mundane and boring it really was. she left that bakwaas before her chuddies got too exposed for the nation to ridicule.

her last words: This ain't my kind of Party

said it with style !

   sandeep Posted:   11:08am, Sat 11, Jan

i just spotted Veerappan


The brigand with the deadly moustache, Veerappan, has a crime life spanning four decades. The toll: At least 120 people, 2,000 elephants, more than 88,000 pounds of ivory, and sandalwood worth millions of rupees.

hes one of India’s most elusive dacoit

   Patanjali Posted:   01:20pm, Sat 11, Jan

Sunita bored the hell out of me, and I hardly even watched the show. Maybe it was a good thing she left early. But then why did she volunteer for it?

Never heard of Isa Guha but my respect goes to her. We need more Asian women in cricket.

   MinmiN Posted:   01:21pm, Sat 11, Jan

...we need more asian women

   sandeep Posted:   01:22pm, Sat 11, Jan

we need more bloody cricket

   MinmiN Posted:   01:23pm, Sat 11, Jan


   MinmiN Posted:   01:30pm, Sat 11, Jan

oh yeh..

and why is ..sunita a loser?

jus cos she left big brother?
big deal...she didnt like it so she left... good on her!
so what if shes asian!

i couldnt think of anyone to put on the u just put any old asian on the list!

and also

im hoping sunny is no. on the loser list

if not...

tehn i will never venture out....on to the reality section again........
(cept for nadzus and oracle_g articles)

   MinmiN Posted:   01:31pm, Sat 11, Jan


   MinmiN Posted:   01:32pm, Sat 11, Jan

oh yeh.......and Nims articles...cos theyre goood!!

   Fire Posted:   03:19pm, Sat 11, Jan

who the hell is sunita?? ohhhh her. instantly forgetable. she shouldnt even be on the losers list!

   lutonzpaki Posted:   03:19pm, Sat 11, Jan


   Tropical_Fish Posted:   03:35pm, Sat 11, Jan

Ha ha! I liked the writeup on Sunita. Agree with Fire though, she was so disappointing she doesn't even deserve a mention.

I caught a glimpse of Isa on TV once and she certainly had a lot of enthusiasm. She shows a lot of promise.

   CrAcK_CoCAINE Posted:   04:21pm, Sat 11, Jan

veerappan is a G

   gezzer Posted:   05:21pm, Sat 11, Jan

sunita talks out of her asshole and was exposed by no less than three papers...first she was a lawyer then it changed to trainee then it changed to doing law exams finally truth came out she was a student oh dear oh dear no wonder she left so soon... Other than that there was no reason her ass would of tried to be there till the end lol! catching her moment of fame.

   OSD Posted:   10:41pm, Sat 11, Jan

Hope Harbhajan Singh is in the Top Ten Achievers .. otherwise it's a fix

   sandeep Posted:   12:01am, Sun 12, Jan

Hope veerappan is in the top 10 of something

   freshies_run_tingz Posted:   03:13am, Sun 12, Jan

arundhati roy is fit but not with her shavewd head thing.

   sandeep Posted:   11:06am, Sun 12, Jan

We are here to pay respect to, and shame the biggest South Asians of the year

Isa Guha and Sunita Sharma are totally insignificant in the scope of things

   phatboy Posted:   02:43pm, Sun 12, Jan

where's the rest?

   sunny Posted:   11:31pm, Sun 12, Jan

sandeep that is of course an opinion you're entitled to and one we don't share. if you think you can come up with a better list (once we've psted it), be glad to hear it.

phatboy, the full list will be posted over the next week or so.


   sandeep Posted:   11:54pm, Sun 12, Jan

dude i aint taking the pashaab

im just pondering whether these 2 actually are significant enough to be on the list.

i look forward to the remaining entries and might add to the list

   Patanjali Posted:   08:32pm, Mon 13, Jan

Arun Sarin is the don! He should have been higher up the list man. Running Vodafone is probably UK's premier CEO job specially since its such a growth area with new technology.

   Fire Posted:   11:18pm, Mon 13, Jan

piara khabra reminds me of junior soprano. i think its the glasses!

   MinMin Posted:   01:21pm, Tue 14, Jan

Lmao....he does aswell!!

ive never heard of these ppl

   mist1 Posted:   08:34pm, Tue 14, Jan

what about ... M. NIGHT SHYAMALYAN!?? the director of "Signs"!

how about some Indo-Americans and Indo-Canadians, please?

   OSD Posted:   11:17pm, Tue 14, Jan

big up piara khabra (not!)

   niMniM Posted:   01:35am, Wed 15, Jan

You cldve got a better pic of meera syal for the front bit!!

   Playa Posted:   01:39am, Wed 15, Jan

   little_kuri Posted:   09:31am, Wed 15, Jan

awwwwwwwwwww..why wakar younis???we still won against new zealand..

   desitunes4u Posted:   01:40pm, Wed 15, Jan

Who ever decided to add Waqar Younis to the list is wrong.

One man cannot be blamed for a team game, eevn though he is the captain. Under him they had a good run of performances until recently when they have had a bad run. Against Australia they had several players missing including Shoiab Akhtar, Wasim Akram, Yousef Youhana & Inzamam - with all these missing they had alot of youngsters which makes it hard don't u think?
Especially against Aussies who are beating everyone.

Whoever made him to be in the losers list is wrong....! Despite several injuries he has worked hard on his game to keep fit.

The job is being Pakistan captain is one of the hardest out their so. The team has always been inconsistent not just since Waqar took charge.

   Patanjali Posted:   11:17am, Thu 16, Jan

When did PAkistan have a good run this year? You can't blame the youngsters, specially since there is a need for youngsters to also play and get some experience. A good captain should be able to balance the experienced with the young good enough to make sure the team doesn't lose. Being the captain of any team is hard, Younis just did a crap job. Face up to it.

   zalim Posted:   12:55pm, Fri 17, Jan

. 'Goli Nahi Boli' (bullet not dialogue) - r u sure!!!!!!!!!

   MinMin Posted:   12:38am, Mon 20, Jan


why is veerapan a loser?

surely the indian police are the losers that cant find him?

   sunny Posted:   12:44am, Mon 20, Jan

zalim, its in hindi grammar, with a comma. so in english translation it would be: "bullets not, dialogue", or "no bullets, dialogue".

minmin - we regard mass murderers as losers.


   mani Posted:   01:27am, Mon 20, Jan

i whole heartedly agree on m night shyalam's inclusion here

its instrumental what this man has achieved in such short time (three films) and got all the hollywood big wigs lustin to b in his movies...

on his next movie m.n.s. said...

"My next movie is going to be based on death - how it can possess people, and make them want to venture INTO suicide. It revolves around Gilbert Foley, a man in his 40s living in modern-day Philidelphia who stumbles across a Ouija board and begins talking to the spirit of a woman named Cassandra. She says that Death is out looking for him, and he must hide. The thing is, Foley becomes fascinated with dying, and gives up. Cassandra must convince him otherwise, or a terrible wrath will be unleashed..."

   Patanjali Posted:   12:52pm, Wed 22, Jan

ADF did a lot of work for the Satpal Ram campaign, so they're due a lot of respect to. Their website was one of the first places to find information on the campaign and send out petitions. In that sense the net has been instrumental in getting his release.

That blithering idiot Jack Straw should be charged for unlawfully keeping Satpal in prison. What kind of a justice system is it that a man trying to defend himself from racists gets done for murder in self defence, and then denied parole? The poor man's life has been wasted in prison coz of some bigots, and the government refuses to recognise it.

   raja_hindustani Posted:   10:29pm, Thu 23, Jan

wohooooo @ Jaswanti Ben Popat

   sandeep Posted:   05:08pm, Fri 24, Jan

Archie Panjabi is an excellent choice

Ive always admired her since east is east

Best of luck to an amazing talent

   sandeep Posted:   05:12pm, Fri 24, Jan

i think most top businessmen need a lack of certain ethics to make it so big. the problem being indian is that india is in such a corrupted state of affairs that to make it anywhere you gotto be ruthless and stab your ethics with a sharp blade

   gezzer Posted:   07:21pm, Fri 24, Jan

BIG UP SATPAL RAM the man is a hero. Stood his ground when confronted by race thugs, showed them that he was no weak asian guy respct bro.

   MinMin Posted:   12:53am, Sat 25, Jan

love archie punjabi

and damn thts phwoaarsome foto of sallu

   JOKER Posted:   10:00pm, Sat 25, Jan


   samira Posted:   10:04pm, Sat 25, Jan

how abt getting pmc on the achivers list??
mundian to bachke rahi has gone mainstream and i think its gonna be big with the gores ...
they reckon its gonna be a big hit here in sweden.

   MinMin Posted:   11:52pm, Sat 25, Jan

PMCs acheivments happend this year tho hunna

so this time next yr...he;ll be there somewhere i guess

   sandeep Posted:   07:24pm, Sun 26, Jan

*still giggling at the inclusion of Isa Guha and Sunita Sharma*

   MinMin Posted:   09:57pm, Sun 26, Jan

i dnt think there were enuff ppl for the list sandu

   Tropical_Fish Posted:   09:49am, Mon 27, Jan

No Harbhajan Singh?

I saw an interview with Archie Panjabi, can't remember where. She's great, thoroughly deserves that spot.

   coolie Posted:   03:27pm, Mon 27, Jan

Modi should have been at number one in the losers

   gezzer Posted:   05:18pm, Mon 27, Jan

agree with coolie he should be number 1 by a long shot.

sunita the bullshitter lol im laughing to sandeep.

   sandeep Posted:   09:00pm, Mon 27, Jan

looking at some of the entries we might as well stick donald duck and mickey mouse at no.1 for each category

   Patanjali Posted:   09:37pm, Mon 27, Jan

Its not a bad list, considering I hadn't even heard of half of them. With Modi at 2 (I thought he'd be number 1 too), I'm interested as to who's at number 1.
Who would you have included in there instead Sandeep?

   sandeep Posted:   04:19am, Tue 28, Jan

actually i take my last comment back


the no 1 choices are very good.

admirable efort by the selectors for putting this together.

   sonykuri Posted:   12:13pm, Tue 28, Jan

it uis vvvvv good
i like it sunny

   sunny Posted:   12:54am, Wed 29, Jan

This being the second year for this feature, we tried doing a few things differently. Firstly we tried avoiding politicians as much as possible otherwise they would have filled up the list of losers as always. That made it difficult to find losers for our list. Secondly we had to expand our list
of media personalities since it has been a big year for British Asians in the media. The "Indian summer" was a testament to that. This also means that we missed out quite a few people others thought were deserving. Parminder Nagra,
with her excellent role in Bend it Like Beckham also missed the list, and so did Gurinder Chadha for her role as the director. Asif Kapadia, director of "The warrior" also missed the list, as did Sanjeev Bhaskar for helping Kumar's at No. 42 win a BAFTA award. AR Rahman for his work with Andrew Lloyd Webber in Bombay Dreams was another media personality who didn't quite make it.

more will be added to this list...


   Bharat Posted:   01:34am, Wed 29, Jan

Very balanced list, i like it....

I, especially like the choices for #1 and 2 winners.......

Sunita Sharma is too pretty to be on the loser's list!!!

   gezzer Posted:   03:38pm, Wed 29, Jan

i agree great choices for NO 1 and 2.

Lol bharat man yeh she is pretty but one hell of a STORY TELLER....

   Kaustav Posted:   02:25pm, Thu 30, Jan

The Satpal case reminds me of the uncertain nature of the British justice system given the recent reports in the news surrounding the miscarriage of justice with regards to the Sally Clark's case where she was wrongly jailed for supposedly killing her two kids. In the end justice prevailed but only after wrongly spending three years in prison and a number of appeals. When's the justice system in this country going to come in to the 21st century and get to grips with their antiquated ways? The other case which springs to mind is the farmer who was recently in the news, trying to defend himself at night, in the dark, when three people broke in to his bedroom. He fired a shot at them and managed to kill one of them as they were running off. He ended up getting life in prison. What an utter farce! What the hell are you supposed to do when you're attacked blind in the middle of the night, in the dark? Use "reasonable force"? What's so reasonable about being surprised in the middle of the night in your own private domain, your home, by strangers brandishing weapons (knifes, guns, whatever) and being scared shitless? Honestly... the criminals in this country have more rights then the law abiding citizens... disgusting.....

   Tropical_Fish Posted:   01:21pm, Fri 31, Jan

Wholeheartedly agree Kaustav, the justice system in this country is quite alarming sometimes.

By the way, those number 1 spots were thoroughly deserving in my opinion.

   a_baron Posted:   06:20pm, Thu 12, Feb

Satpal Ram: Achiever Or Loser?

Convicted murderer Satpal Ram is listed as an achiever by the on-line Asian magazine Reality. Ram's great "achievement" appears to be his release on life licence; all the usual, vacuous twaddle about him being the victim of a racially motivated attack is regurgitated for a gullible readership who are expected to express solidarity with Ram purely on account of his race, another innocent victim of the oppressive racist, neo-Colonialist system. The true facts about "race attack victim" Satpal Ram though are far from romantic, and are thoroughly documented for even the most gullible to take note of.

In the small hours of November 16, 1986, Ram started an argument with a fellow diner in the Sky Blue restaurant, Birmingham. Ram's victim, who happened to be white, was unarmed. Ram took out a flick knife - an illegal weapon - and stabbed him in the back. The post mortem report says Clarke Pearce suffered "a complex double incised wound" to the rear of his chest. Another wound pieced his lung.

Ram appealed his conviction twice; the first appeal, presided over by the Lord Chief Justice, was dismissed in March 1989; his second appeal was dismissed in November 1995, and the Court of Appeal had some strong words for the specious claim that Ram's barrister had blown the case.

It would be tiresome to repeat here the countless lies Ram and his supporters have foisted onto the public over the years, but one lie deserves especial mention, the lie that Ram's non-existent attacker died because he refused medical treatment. The fact is that, unlike Ram, Clarke Pearce was in no position to refuse medical treatment. He died in the operating theatre less than two hours after being stabbed. Ram, on the other hand, who had proceeded under his own steam to another hospital where he sought treatment under a false name, was so drunk and abusive that at first a doctor was unable to treat him. He had a small cut on his face and a scratched arm that needed no treatment. As the Court of Appeal said in 1995, the evidence was that "the wound sustained by the appellant was minor compared with those sustained by the deceased, suggesting he gave a good deal better than he got."

From his prison cell, Ram orchestrated a campaign of defamation against not only his victim but against the victim's family, a campaign that was so intensive it appears to have convinced a number of Members of Parliament, who signed an Early Day Motion in his support. It appears also to have convinced the Parole Board, who recommended his release in October 2000. But one person it didn't convince was Home Secretary Jack Straw, who vetoed the Parole Board's recommendation. Following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in an unrelated case, the Home Secretary's "interference" was ruled illegal, and Ram was parolled. He was also, incredibly, awarded twenty thousand pounds compensation for the extra time he had spent in gaol, but most of this was eaten up by the legal costs of a failed (and undoubtedly frivolous) action for personal injury from which he withdrew.

Ram might have done something with the rest of his miserable life, but in April 2003, following allegations of assault and criminal damage, the authorities recommended he be recalled to prison. His life licence was revoked on May 7, and he has been unlawfully at large ever since.

On what basis is Ram an achiever? His only achievement, apart from causing misery and suffering to the family of the man he murdered, is to dupe so many people, although to be fair, many of them didn't take much duping. Rock band Primal Scream fought Ram's corner; AsianDubFoundation even recorded a song about him:

Free Satpal Ram
...Just another innocent man.

All these people are strangely silent now.

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