The Betrayer Of The White Working Class

In April 1993, an eighteen year old black youth was stabbed to death at a bus stop in South East London. His killer was one member of a six strong gang. The murder of Stephen Lawrence became a cause celébrè which resulted in widespread changes to the social order as well as intense criticism of the police and the criminal justice system, primarily because the killer or killers were not brought to book. Because too one member of the gang had used the dreaded “N” word, the murder was branded racially motivated or racist, and the following October a riot ensued in nearby Welling when self-styled “anti-racists” and anti-fascists used the murder as a pretext to attack the British National Party’s HQ, even though the alleged killers had no connection with the BNP.

In due course, five suspects were arraigned, although the case against the Acourt gang collapsed due to “insufficient evidence”, a police euphemism for no evidence at all, at least no evidence that should be put before a jury. (1) In May, 2002, nine years after the incident, the murder investigation was finally wound up at an estimated cost of around £30 million including a payout of £320,000 to the parents of the victim by the Metropolitan Police for supposedly bungling the initial investigation, and the 69 day Macpherson Inquiry and resulting report.

Leaving aside all the hysteria over racism, institutional and otherwise, that was generated over this case, there was genuine concern from all sections of society. This was not just because the victim was black, but because he was the “right sort of black”, ie working class, “respectable” and with aspirations.

Some seven years earlier, a slightly older working class man was murdered in broadly similar circumstances, but because he was white, and perhaps because he had no such aspirations, Clarke Pearce has become the victim not only of murder but of a decade and a half of character assassination and vilification by both his murderer, “anti-racist” campaigning organisations, and large tranches of the media. His murderer you see, was Asian, and as such a member of an “oppressed minority”.

Like Stephen Lawrence, the unarmed Clarke Pearce was stabbed to death by a gloating assailant who disappeared into the night. Unlike Stephen Lawrence, the Birmingham-born Pearce was as working class as they come: he was a humble postman, had no aspirations to become an architect, was proficient at snooker, and he liked his beer.

In the small hours of November 18, 1986 he was dining in an Indian restaurant with his fiancée, his elder sister and brother-in-law and another couple when an Asian diner took offence to something he’d said about the background music. Because the incident happened very quickly, there are many different versions of it, but what is not in dispute by all honest, informed persons is that within a few minutes Clarke Pearce lay dying on the floor with blood gushing from his wounds. His attacker then fled the scene of the crime with the murder weapon still in his hand after gloating over his fallen victim and expressing a desire in fluent Anglo-Saxon to see him dead.

Eight days after the murder, after failing to obtain a passport to flee the country, the British-born Satpal Ram surrendered himself to his solicitor, who accompanied him to the police station.

Charged with murder and remanded in custody, Ram was appointed an experienced QC who after a deep appraisal of the evidence told his client that his only chance at trial lay in a defence of provocation. Because Ram would be a vulnerable witness, (2) Douglas Draycott advised him not to enter the witness box. Reluctantly, Ram accepted this advice, and was rightly convicted of murder in short order.

Rather than face up to his crime, Ram became a barrack room lawyer and - as was his right - launched an appeal on technical grounds. He failed. Six and a half years later a second appeal was dismissed by Lord Justice Beldam in a strongly worded judgment. (3)

Parallel with his proper if spurious legal appeals, Ram launched a campaign from his prison cell aided and abetted by members of his family and “anti-racists”, both Asian and white. Ram’s campaigners include the bands Primal Scream and AsianDubFoundation, and so-called comedian Mark Thomas. Wilfully misleading articles about Regina v Ram have appeared not only in Socialist Worker and the Asian Times but in the Guardian, the Observer and more recently in the Independent. Cyber-space is full of uncritical and at times outrageous articles about “race attack victim” Satpal Ram and his deserving victim.

Space does not permit a full examination of the lies and distortions that have been spread about this case by the Free Satpal Campaign, but four of the most common are that:

i) Ram defended himself with a pen knife that he used in his work.

He actually used a flick knife - a weapon proscribed by statute.

ii) That Ram was attacked by six white men who racially abused him.

iii) That Ram was taken to hospital.

After fleeing the crime scene he turned up at a local hospital and sought treatment for a small cut to his face. He gave a false name and was drunk.

and iv) the most vile lie of all, that Clarke Pearce died only because he refused to be treated by a woman doctor, discharged himself and went home.

He actually died on the operating table less than two hours after the attack. (4)

In October 2000, duped by Ram’s lie machine, and in spite of having numerous disciplinary findings against him, the Parole Board recommended his immediate release, but this was blocked by then Home Secretary Jack Straw. The following September, the Criminal Cases Review Commission declined to refer his case back to the Court of Appeal, but following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights brought by another life sentence prisoner, the unrepentant and ever dishonest Ram was released on licence on June 18, 2002. And still the lies continue.

As recently as June 22, an Asian journalist writing in the Independent repeated the sick claim that Clarke Pearce had discharged himself from hospital, and went so far as to praise Ram as a hero. Ram has long had the gall to compare himself with Stephen Lawrence, perhaps failing to see the irony that it was a thug like him who murdered the black teenager.

The campaign by Ram’s supporters is wilful; they know the truth, as do the media, but they just don’t care. The simple fact that Clarke Pearce was white and Ram is not, means that all critical faculty and reason must be surrendered. Sadly this is not a new phenomenon. (5)

In the wake of the ludicrous Macpherson Report, the TV companies, including the BBC, recruited large tranches of non-white anchormen and women and other staff. Non-whites, particularly blacks, are being forever pushed ahead of equally or more talented whites. (6)

In May this year, the Financial Times ran an article headed Business told to hire more non-white managers... The article reported that according to the notoriously liberal-leftist Runnymede Trust, only 1% of senior managers in FTSE companies were “from ethnic minorities”, and Gurbux Singh, head of the misnamed Commission for Racial Equality actually had the gall to warn that Britain’s already Draconian anti-discrimination laws will be tightened yet again unless big business bows down.

Of course, what Singh and his fellow travellers conveniently forget - or don’t want to know - is that Asians in particular are extremely well represented at all levels of business, though not necessarily big business. In January 1997, Asian Business Magazine gave its ABC accredited circulation for 7.6.94 as 49,371, and boasted that it was “The magazine for the men and women who own more than 70% of Britain’s independent outlets”.

It goes without saying that if so many Asians are running their own small businesses, then there will be proportionately fewer of them working in other industries. Talented as some of these people may be, they can’t be in two places at once.

The same is true of blacks. Two fields in which blacks excel are sport and entertainment (particularly music). The highest paid sportsman in the world (Lennox Lewis) is black, as are many of the world’s highest paid entertainers. Why then is it either so surprising or terrible that there are very few blacks in the higher echelons of the civil service and judiciary?

It is not necessary to postulate any sort of racial or even cultural explanation for this. Human beings are not statistics, and it is a fallacy to treat them as such.

All this means nothing to the “anti-racist” industry; rational argument and logic never does. So all we ever hear about is how oppressed and victimised are blacks and Asians by being “under-represented” in this industry or that, regardless of the fact that Asians are running large sections of the economy and that many blacks are living in a lip and lap of luxury that most ordinary working white people will never aspire to.

In May this year, the aforementioned Gurbux Singh came out with an incredible statement: white concerns need to be addressed, he said. Britain is now full of “disenfranchised whites” and “disaffected white men”. The fact that he and his ilk have created this disaffection obviously doesn’t occur to him.

Like so many other ideologies, the fine words of “anti-racism” - dignity, equality and the universal brotherhood of man - act as a smokescreen for other, and far more sinister, agendas. Occasionally though the mask slips. Atheist philosopher and humanist Paul Kurtz has written: “The highest good, as I see it, is intermarriage between people of different ethnicities, races, religions, and cultures...I can see the same changes in the cities of Western Europe...In due course, the majority may no longer be white. I think this is wholesome and good.” (7) In other words, Kurtz longs for the extermination of the white race. He is not alone.

This is the reason that white people, in particular the white working class, are treated like rubbish by the race industry. This is the reason the murder of a white working man by a drunken Asian thug becomes a laudable act, and why his killer is hailed as a hero by our liberal media.

There is nothing ignoble in aspiring towards a society which strives for opportunity for all. Even the concept of equality - racial, sexual, etc - is to be lauded when applied rationally. But most people don’t want equality - of wealth, influence, fame, or anything else - most people want social justice. And a braindead ideology like “anti-racism” which sacrifices social justice for the sake of an unattainable and ludicrous statistical equality is an enemy not only of the white working class but of all the people. “Anti-racism” and its associated social engineering is one of the root causes of social and racial unrest in modern Britain.

The people who have profited most from this lunacy have not been ordinary working class blacks and Asians, but those who have needed special privileges least. Most of those hard at work in the race industry have degrees or at worst some sort of further education. Many are lawyers, like Imran Khan and Paul Boateng. It is these people and their white liberal fellow travellers rather than the supposedly ubiquitous racists who are the true enemies of the working class, white and non-white. It is these people who make heroes out of cold-blooded killers like Satpal Ram, and who churn out the self-serving statistics about our increasingly racist society. And they are never satisfied, nor will they ever be satisfied until the last white woman has past child-bearing age.

[The above article was first published in issue 33 of Alternative Green, January 2003].

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