Notes And References

(1) A farcical trial and 13 years of racist abuse in jail - the story of Satpal Ram, by Jay Rayner, published in the Observer, Sunday, January 30, 2000, page 13.
(2) This picket took place.
(3) WHAT JUSTICE FOR SATPAL?, by Nayab Chohan and Shahina Khatun, published in the
ASIAN TIMES (which is, we are told, BRITAIN’S LEADING ASIAN NEWSPAPER), No. 904, September 26, 2000, pages 4-5.
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(6) Self Defence is no offence: free Satpal Ram!, published in LABOUR LEFT Briefing, December 2000, page 8. This article is published in full in the Appendix.
(7) What Justice For Satpal?, (op cit).
(8) The victim’s Christian name is spelt Clark in the probate book at First Avenue House, in the registry of deaths, and even in the registry of births. I am informed however that it should be spelt Clarke. The probable reason for this is confusion over the middle name, Edward, which is rendered to the ear as Clark E. Pearce.
(9) Self Defence is no offence: free Satpal Ram!, (op cit).
(10) The full leaflet includes a second photograph of Ram, a list of suggestions of how to help the campaign, a list of addresses, and a donation form.
(11) HALSBURY’S LAWS OF ENGLAND, Fourth Edition Reissue 11(1) Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedure, published by Butterworths, London, (1990), page 143.
(12) Telephone conversation, October 29, 2000.
(13) Girl sees fiance stabbed to death, by Nick Parker, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), Monday, November 17, 1986, page 5.
(14) From an article by Michael Posner in THE BIRMINGHAM POST, (COUNTY EDITION), April 1995, page 7.
(15) Telephone conversation with the author, October 30, 2000.
(16) A farcical trial..., (op cit).
(17) Unless he elected to conduct his own defence.
(18) I have seen this Indian name rendered as Narvinder and Navinder, both here and on Yahoo! India. I have used the former spelling throughout this publication.
(19) The current writer was informed that Shinji was arrested for possessing this knife while signing bail at a police station, an incredible act of stupidity under the circumstances. He has since put his past behind him.
(20) My emphasis.
(21) R. v. Ram, published in The Criminal Law Review, June 1989, published by Sweet and Maxwell, London, page 457.
(22) Telephone conversation with Mrs Nadine O’Neill, January 14, 2001.
(23) According to the Campaign, the friend concerned was Narvinder Shinji, and the hospital was Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich.
(24) Life for city stab killer, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, (EXTRA FINAL), June 10, 1987, page 14, (see Appendix).
(25) Downloaded from by the current writer January 10, 2001.
(26) Criminal Law, Eighth Edition, by J.C. Smith, published by Butterworths, London, (1996), page 348. [This book is known as Smith & Hogan and was written by two barristers/legal academics: Sir John Smith and (the late) Brian Hogan. It is a standard work].
(27) In November 2000, this ten year old son of a Nigerian civil servant was apparently stabbed in the leg by (again apparently) a slightly older boy, on a South London housing estate. He bled to death within minutes. At the time of writing, no one has been charged in connection with this crime.
(28) Signing bail at a police station with a flick knife on his person, (see above).
(29) R v SATPAL RAM (1995), from the Lawtel database. This document was kindly retrieved for the current writer by the librarian at Hammersmith Reference Library.
(30) The current writer knows McGranaghan personally and has had access to his case papers.
(31) Quoted verbatim.
(32) Life sentence prisoners who are released on licence remain on licence for the rest of their lives and can be recalled at any time if their behaviour gives cause for concern; the current writer once met a lifer who was recalled for - in his words - “going in the pub”.
(33) Ram is in constant touch with the Free Satpal Campaign from his prison cell, and it must be presumed that he has full control over the content of its literature.
(34) For example, he refers to Clarke Pearce as Stuart Pearce.
(35) With acknowledgments to the website Justice For Police Officer Daniel Faulkner.
(36) No criticism is intended here of Ram’s current solicitor, Gareth Peirce, who is entitled to represent Ram on his instructions and subject to legal protocol as long as she is paid to do so.
(37) In spite of continuing claims by Mrs Reel and her supporters that her son was murdered by racists, the best evidence indicates that his death was a tragic, alcohol-related accident.
(38) Clarke Pearce was born when his mother was forty-two years old; she is now approaching her eighties.
(39) In view of the gross lies and distortions Ram’s supporters have spread and are continuing to spread about his crime, one should have serious reservations about the claims of brutality they continue to make against his gaolers. One person who is apparently not impressed is Prisons Minister Paul Boateng, who is certainly not the sort of person to cover up for racially motivated abuse of any kind.

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