The Ugly Truth About Satpal Ram

In the small hours of November 16, 1986, Satpal Ram was dining with two friends in an Indian restaurant in Birmingham when he started an argument with a fellow diner. What happened next has been the subject of a systematic campaign of disinformation over a period of more than a decade. Ram was convicted of the brutal knife murder of Clarke Edward Pearce, and sentenced to life imprisonment; his apologists have successfully portrayed him as the victim of a racially motivated attack by a group of white thugs, and have sought to have his conviction overturned by appealing to the innate sense of fair play of the British public. The reality is very different.

Contemporary press reports, court documents, eyewitness testimony, and even the heavily slanted propaganda of the Free Satpal Campaign itself, all point towards Ram being guilty of a cold-blooded and quite senseless murder.

This publication sets the record straight, drawing on all of the above to refute the ten most parroted lies and the ten most widespread distortions spread by Ramís supporters.

Alexander Baron is an independent researcher who has himself served hard time and suffered grief as the result of police mendacity. His publications have been widely reviewed by such prestigious journals as the parapolitics magazine Lobster, the anti-fascist monthly Searchlight, and the London Jewish Chronicle.

Published by InÉoText Manuscripts,
c/o 93c Venner Road,
London SE26 5HU.

ISBN 1 871473 94 2

Copyright Alexander Baron, 2001

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