A Few Odds And Ends

The following brief points came to the current writer mainly via Mrs Jane Smith (sister of Nadine OíNeill and Clarke Pearce).

The family never attended the magistratesí court; Ram was brought to court every Tuesday, in particular the first Tuesday after his 21st birthday, because the police wanted him to be tried as an adult. The age of majority in Britain is of course 18, but special provisions apply to those under 21. Ramís first appearance before Birmingham magistrates was reported in the Birmingham Evening Mail of November 25, 1986 (see Bibliography). Other than those few listed therein I have been unable to find any press reports referring to Ram before his conviction, which was reported in the Birmingham press of June 10 and June 11, 1987. Letters sent to the court requesting details about the committal, etc, were not answered. Clarke was buried on December 17, 1986, his funeral was well attended, and interred with him was a snooker trophy he was awarded posthumously.

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