Notes And References

(1) Europe Intelligence Wire CD-ROM.
(2) The first such mention the current writer has found to date is in the December 1994/January 1995 issue of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! where Ram himself claims in a letter from Full Sutton Prison that “I have now spent eight years in prison for defending myself against a racially motivated attack.”
(3) The usual claim is that Draycott wouldn’t allow his client to give evidence, ignoring the fact that the final decision in this matter was Ram’s. Ram could have insisted on giving evidence; he could even have replaced Draycott and Linehan.
(4) As demonstrated elsewhere on this site, these witnesses were in fact prosecution witnesses.
(5) Telephone conversation October 30, 2000.
(6) In From Murderer To Martyr I said that Draycott received an apology from Radio 5 over the claim that he had misread the pathologist’s report. However, on reviewing my notes I can find no trace of this; the claim of incompetence may relate solely to Draycott’s trial strategy (to which Ram gave his approval). It is therefore possible that this claim is of an even more recent genesis; certainly the 1995 Court of Appeal judgment (as published in the Times and Lawtel) makes no mention of such an alleged misreading.
(7) Telephone conversation, October 30, 2000, (op cit). This was probably either shortly before or shortly after Ram’s second appeal.
(8) I can only state, again, that I have made an extensive search of the relevant literature and have turned up nothing prior to 1995 other than local press and legal reports.
(9) Satpal Ram loses appeal, published in the Asian Times, No. 660, Week Ending December 9 1995, page 3. (See bibliography for a more detailed list).

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