Notes And References

(1) A term popularised and perhaps even invented by the British Nazi leader, Colin Jordan.
(2) In his thought provoking study of race in American, Indian immigrant Dinesh D’Souza points out that segregation in the Deep South was fought by the private sector (on commercial grounds) rather than by liberals. [The END of RACISM “Principles for a Multiracial Society”, by Dinesh D’Souza, published by The Free Press, London, (1995), page 180.]
(3) HOUSING FOR THE COLOURED, a letter from Michael Cookman of Ingatestone, Essex, published in the Times, August 3, 1963, page 7.
(4) THE RACE GALLERY “The Return of Racial Science”, by Marek Kohn, published by Jonathan Cape, London, (1995), page 168.
(5) THE DEATH LOBBY How the West Armed Iraq, by Kenneth R. Timmerman, published by Fourth Estate, London, (1992), page 27. [Italicised in the original.]
(6) In their 1993 polemic racism: the destruction of civil and political liberties, Conor Foley and Sharron Nelles claim there were ten racially motivated murders (in England and Wales?) in 1992. * The alleged racial motive in some of these deaths is extremely doubtful, to put it mildly. **
  In 1998, the Metropolitan Police set up Operation Trident to tackle specifically black on black shootings. According to one (presumably well informed) source, there were fifteen such murders in London alone in a period of less than a year. ***
* At page 33.
** At page 55 the names of the victims are given. The list appears to be based uncritically on CARF, which is hardly a reliable source, much less an honest one.
*** Trident targets the killers, published in the LINK, AUTUMN 2000, page 3.
   This police newspaper reported fifteen deaths (ie murders) so far that year (presumably from January 2000 to publication). Operation Trident and the crimes it was set up to combat have been well publicised in both the black press and the mainstream media.
(7) The Limits of Tolerance, by Paul Kurtz, published in NEW Humanist, March 1992, Volume 107, No 1, pages 4-6. This quote, which appears on page 6, is said to be an edited version of a speech by Kurtz.
(8) A former black boxer (and a miscegenist) with a large white following.
(9) As a teenager Davies was a champion swimmer and a regular golden girl; at one time she was engaged to judo star Neil Adams. A few years later she ditched her husband to shack up with a black athlete and bore him two children. She got her just desserts when she found out that his preferences were not just for white women but for anything in a skirt. Incredibly, although soiled goods, she is still in heavy demand as a TV presenter.
(10) Citations are too many to mention but the following give an insight into this taboo subject:

Mixed marriages put black celebrities ‘on trial’: Rising criticism accuses stars of ethnic betrayal, by Lesley Thomas, published in the Sunday Times, March 6, 1994, (NEWS page 1.5).

This article reveals that many successful blacks, especially black women, view so-called celebrity miscegenation with disdain. One black TV presenter said that “Black people in the public eye are expected to set an example”; clearly she felt they weren’t.

Time Out, No. 1367, Oct 30-Nov 6 1996, page 13. Under a column called Domestic violence it is reported that Abdul Hoque, kidnapped his daughter “to punish her for moving in with a black man.” She was held for seven days; he was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment.

Asian man beaten for asking white girl to marry him: Man’s fiancee puts up ‘Wanted’ posters to track down attackers, published in the Asian Times, March 7, 2000, page 5

This reports the case of Swindon man Hardip Samra who was beaten up after a party and apparently had his face stamped on. His (white) fiancée “believes he was attacked by racist Asians who heard that the couple planned to marry.”

The black buck deserves white trash, in Tesco and Sainsbury’s, published in New Nation, issue 219, March 5, 2001, page 11.

A letter published in the Your Shout! column of a leading black newpaper; the writer, a lady named A Mckenzie, doesn’t think much of black men who betray their race.

(11) Clarke was a very proficient player, and shortly after his death his family collected a trophy he had recently won; it was buried with him.

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