The text you have just read is an appeal I found floating around in cyber-space. One of numerous such appeals. It has been reproduced here verbatim; the only alterations I have made are to layout colours (originally yellow font on a black background) and the reduction of some spacing to bring it into accord with my house style.

As you will see, this document, entitled simply SATPAL RAM, is part a report of a visit to see the great man - then currently incarcerated in Frankland Prison - and partly an appeal to the Parole Board. It is an important document because it was obviously produced with Ramís approval if not his outright collusion. Therefore he bears responsibility for the way it attempts to wilfully mislead the public.

It is claimed herein that Ram was attacked by six people (thugs), and by implication that all six of them were male. It is repeated - for the Nth time - that Clarke Pearce ďHis main attackerĒ refused medical treatment (and was implicitly responsible for his own death. These are blatant lies, for which Ram has no excuse. There are also a number of errors in the document. Lord Lane did not set Ramís tariff at ten years but at eleven years - and he did not in any case do this at Ramís first appeal - the full transcript of which can be found on this site.

The rest of the document is filled with apologetics for Ramís poor behaviour in prison, and an allusion to an Asian academic he has duped.

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