Terry Dean On Clarke Pearce

On April 27, 2001 I spoke to Terry Dean, the rep for the UCW at Clarke’s place of work at the time he was murdered by Ram. He knew Clarke well, he said, adding that he was fairly well liked and was a real nice person. Clarke worked on Birmingham New Street station; he was a station postman. The union’s solicitors attended the court case.

He confirmed that a lot of people had attended Clarke’s funeral, including Asians, and said that the story about racial antagonism was lies. He had heard about the campaign, from TV, but said he thought it was rubbish and doesn’t follow it.

A snooker cup was instituted in his honour, the Clarke Pearce Memorial Trophy, but this (and the snooker) lapsed when the office moved about five years ago.

Like myself, and doubtless like many others, he wondered why Clarke was dining in an Indian restaurant if he was such a racist. As far as Terry Dean was concerned, Ram had been found guilty and should do his time.

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