Michael Stone

There have been two convicted murderers named Michael Stone in recent years. An Ulster “Loyalist” of that name was convicted of murdering six people, three at a funeral in 1988. (This incident was captured on camera and shown all over the world). Incredibly, Stone was released in July 2000 as part of the Northern Ireland “Peace Process”.

The other Michael Stone was convicted (by a majority verdict) of the murders of Dr Lin Russell and her six year old daughter, Megan, and of the attempted murder of her nine year old daughter, Josie. The three were attacked at Chillenden, Kent, on July 9, 1996. In October, 1998, Stone was given three life sentences, but his conviction was quashed and a retrial ordered when an important prosecution witness admitted that Stone’s prison confession was a pack of lies. Although Stone was a good suspect, the case against him was wafer thin, and what little forensic evidence there is tends to indicate that he is not the killer.

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