Song Of Satpal

I stabbed him, yes, but on my life
I only used a tiny knife,
I had my back against the wall,
It was an awful judgment call,
But if I hadnít stabbed him, I
Would then have been the one to die.

I stabbed him, yes, but in the front,
Iím only weak, a little runt,
And he was big as big can be,
He and his five friends came at me,
I stabbed him, for no other way
Would I still be alive today.

I stabbed him and I fled the scene?
Of course I did, donít be so mean!
Iíd been attacked, I tell you, mate,
I wasnít even thinking straight,
No, itís not true that I was drunk,
That doctor is a lying punk.

I wanted to plead self-defence,
But Draycott had no common sense,
He said the knife wounds in the back
Was evidence of an attack,
Plead provocation, I was told,
Or youíll be in gaol till youíre old.

That Draycott was a stupid git,
He really dropped me in the shit,
He misread it is plain to see
The report of the autopsy.
Most of the cuts were caused by glass
Not by my knife, the stupid arse.

The jury was all white, thatís why
They thought I meant to kill the guy,
The judge said: ďGo to gaol for life
For stabbing Clarke Pearce with a knife.Ē
I didnít stab him, donít be mean;
It was that lying witch Nadine.

I didnít stab him, itís not true,
You wicked racists, I tell you,
An Asian man canít get a fair
Trial, in England or anywhere.
Youíre bloody bigots, all of you,
I didnít stab him, itís not true.

You ask me why Iíve no remorse,
Because Iím free of guilt, of course,
I didnít have a knife on me
That night in the Sky Blue, and see,
It wasnít murder, though he died,
Clarke Pearce committed suicide.

Can I go home now?

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