Notes And References

(1) Not all Revisionists aspire to this goal, see for example the current writer’s critique of  Willis Carto.
(2) Referred to by Libertarians as Public Choice Theory.
(3) The irony is that when they do get it right, they might not be believed, hence the proliferation of conspiracy theories, some of them bordering on the absurd, about two extremely well-documented events: the Kennedy assassination and the death of Diana Princess of Wales.
(4) The incident happened at around 2.40am on a Sunday, and many if not most of the people in the restaurant (bar the staff presumably) had been drinking alcohol.
(5) Who have often been accused of provoking racial tensions by allegedly insensitive policing, including making heavy-handed arrests.
(6) Man guilty of murder still in prison after fifteen years makes somewhat less interesting copy than Innocent man still in prison after fifteen years.
(7) The classic (apocryphal) rendition is “Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance” which transmutes by stages to “Send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance”.
(8) The only category of murder worse than the gratuitous murder of a stranger is the premeditated murder of a stranger, as happens all too often in serial killings (previously referred to as “stranger murders”).

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