ROBERT NAPPER - The Killer of Rachel Nickell

Rachel Nickell was murdered by Robert Napper, a serial sex attacker known as The Green Chain Rapist. He is believed to have committed more than a hundred rapes. In November 1993, Napper murdered a young mother in her South London home; he also killed Samantha Bissetís 4 year old daughter, Jazmine. While detained in Broadmoor, he was visited by detectives, but denied any involvement in the murder of Rachel Nickell.

However, that wasnít the end, advances in DNA forensics led to his being charged with that notorious murder, and on December 18, 2008, he was convicted of her manslaughter. He is clearly an extremely dangerous individual, and will almost certainly never be released.

Three months previously, with the case against Napper pending, Colin Stagg was awarded £706,000 compensation for the time he spent in prison on remand and the years of suffering that followed - not a penny too much. After the conviction of Robert Napper he also received a sincere apology from the Metropolitan Police.

July 14, 2012

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