Nadine O’Neill’s Letter To
The Sunday Express:
Explanatory Note

This letter from Mrs O’Neill was scanned in exactly as received by the current writer in March 2001. An identical letter was written to the journalist Martin Banks, the man who has probably covered this case in greater depth than any other (with the exception, now, of the current writer), and it is he whom she blames, with more than a little justification, for the widespread uncritical dissemination of the Free Satpal Campaign’s lies. Although Banks’ name does not appear on this article, one can hardly blame her for seeing his hand behind it.

In this letter, Mrs O’Neill says that her brother was stabbed six times; according to her husband, he was stabbed five times, but his face was also cut so this is a case of splitting hairs. This letter was written byan angry woman, not a dishonest one.

Mrs O’Neill’s claim that Narvinder Shinji “glassed” her brother is also not correct. Although this was her perception of what happened that night I have to reiterate yet again that this incident happened very quickly and was also extremely traumatic for all concerned.

Mr O’Neill’s recollection, as stated elsewhere on this site, is that Shinji did no such thing. Again, it should be recalled that Shinji was charged only with assisting Ram to escape (on which charge he was acquitted), and with carrying a flick knife after the murder.

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