More Lies And Distortions
By The National Civil Rights Movement

In an update on the Ram case dated 2nd April 2001, the website of the National Civil Rights Movement reported that:

“The prison officers who know of Satpal Ram and who know that he’s got a parole decision being made soon on whether he is eligible for release or not, will use any excuse to attack him to jeopardize this process. This is because the brother in law of Clarke Pearce is a prison officer at HMP Winsen Green and tries constantly to prevent Satpal from challenging his conviction. By being violent towards him via a network of corrupt prison officers Satpal Ram himself is perceived as a dangerous man in the name of the law (the Parole Board) and is deemed not fit for release.”

[The prison is actually called Winson Green]

In a telephone conversation with the current writer, May 18, 2001, Mrs O’Neill said that one of her and Clarke’s sisters was indeed married to a prison officer but that they were divorced some 12 years ago. He had served at Winson Green when Ram was held there but had had no contact with Ram whatsoever.

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