Notes And References

(1) The above appears in unisonfocus CONFERENCE SPECIAL, 28 APRIL 1995, page 13. According to the February 19, 2000 issue of Socialist Worker, UNISON is the biggest trade union in Britain, which means presumably the union with the largest membership.
(2) Brady and Hindley - known jointly as the Moors Murderers - were brought to book shortly after the abolition of capital punishment.
(3) Brady had never made any secret of committing other murders but had not previously made a tangible confession.
(4) Brady has since confessed to other murders committed without the complicity of Hindley. Although he has long been classified as criminally insane, he is rational enough to have instigated civil proceedings against a newspaper, and later against the Special Hospital where he is detained.
(5) Lurid details of which can be found freely on the web and in many “true crime” omnibuses.

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