Twisting The Words Of
The Trial Judge

Below is an extract (quoted verbatim) from a document entitled

Extract from a letter to Jack Straw (Home Secretary) about Satpal Rams parole [sic]

which the current writer downloaded from the WorldWideWeb at the beginning of March 2001. This is one of countless documents floating around in cyber-space which reiterate for the Nth time the lies of the Ram circus. This one though is more bizarre than most because not only does it attempt to exculpate Ram, it claims also that the trial judge - Mr Justice Ognall - was surprised at the guilty verdict, and infers that he believed Ram to be not guilty. The reader is invited to compare this remarkable claim with the documentation which the current writer received from Lesley of the Free Satpal Campaign which accuses the judge of summing up for the prosecution, (click here).


Mr Ramís incarceration arose as a result of an incident in which Mr Ram attempted to defend himself from a vicious, racist and unprovoked attack. I understand that Mr Ram was assaulted by a group of 6 white people who threw plates and glasses at him. One of the men broke a glass and stabbed Mr Ram in the face and wrist. After being stabbed twice, Mr Ram took out a small knife (which he used at work to open packages) and tried to warn off his attacker. However, Mr Ram was attacked once again. In fear for his life, Mr Ram stabbed his attacker twice. After refusing medical treatment, Mr Ramís attacker died from his injuries.

During the course of his trial, Judge Ognall, appeared to accept Mr Ramís defence of provocation when he commented to the jury that ďIt is a matter for you but you may think that in those circumstances for you to reach a different conclusion (from provocation) would be fanciful to a degree).Ē After his conviction for murder, the trial judge expressed surprise at the verdict and accepted that Mr Ram had been attacked.

The letter ends with the words

For more details contact:

Free Satpal Ram Campaign,
C/O Asian Resources Centre,
101 Villa Road,
Birmingham, B19 1NH

And gives an E-mail contact address.

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