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September 18, 2001

Dear Mr Ali,

I am writing to point out the true facts about the case of Satpal 
Ram, the convicted murderer you plead for on your front page at 
this most tragic of times. The notion that Winson Green is an 
open prison is news to me, but what is probably news to you is 
that Ram stabbed his victim, Clarke Pearce, in the back with a 
flick knife, an illegal weapon, in a drunken frenzy, then fled 
the scene of the crime. The claim that Pearce attacked Ram is a 
lie as are most of the other claims of Ram's cabal such as the 
one that the victim died because he refused medical treatment. 
Clarke Pearce was pronounced dead at 4.23am, about which time Ram 
was seeking treatment at another hospital for a small cut to his 
face which required three stitches, a cut that may have been 
self-inflicted such was the ferocity of his attack. He was so 
drunk that initially the doctor could not treat him. 

The documented facts about Ram, as opposed to the lies of the 
Free Satpal Campaign, can be found on the website "satpalramis-
guilty". This website also contains the full transcript of the 
judgment in Ram's 1989 appeal, which I suggest you read before 
you publish anymore on this case. 

Point your web browser at


I would suggest too that you publish a retraction in your next 

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Unsurprisingly, this letter went unanswered.

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