A Note To The Reader

On this site are reproduced many original documents, for example the transcript of the judgment of Ramís first appeal, and a number of contemporaneous press reports. It would have been possible for me to publish these documents here as text, but I preferred to scan them in their original format. This gives them an authentic feel. If the reader finds the layout of this site very basic that is because my programming skills are also very basic. I make no apologies for this as for me HTML is a means rather than an end.

This site is also, as far as possible, referenced in proper academic fashion, and I would encourage the skeptical reader to confirm the veracity of its contents as far as he is able. Ramís campaigners, like the overwhelming majority of self-styled ďanti-racistĒ activists, are not interested in intelligent debate, rational argument, or empirical evidence, they are interested only in preaching their perverted gospel, and denouncing anyone who disagrees with them as racist.

Although I have no doubt that the vast majority of contemporary British visitors to this site will be familiar with most of the names that appear therein, this will not necessarily be the case for its (hopefully large!) overseas readership, nor for people who read about the case of Satpal Ram five, ten or more years from now. I have therefore included a number of files which are principally explanatory for those who come across what for them may be unfamiliar names such as Stephen Lawrence, Michael Stone and Damilola Taylor.

Alexander Baron,

April 16, 2001

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