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Apache Indian - one of Ramís many misguided - or disingenuous - supporters.


Clarke Pearce, the man Satpal Ram stabbed to death in a drunken rage.


Clarke Pearce, another photo.


Lord Lane (1918-2005) - the Lord Chief Justice who heard (and dismissed) Ramís first appeal.



Satpal Ram, the way his supporters portray him.



Satpal Ram, the way he really is.



The official police mugshot of convicted murderer Satpal Ram.


Stephen Lawrence - the innocent murder victim wuth whom Ram had the gall to compare himself.


Gareth Peirce - Ramís one-time lawyer.



The above photograph was added May 9, 2014 although I downloaded it from Webshots on March 27, 2003. It has since disappeared, or else moved to another location, one which I cannot locate. I do not remember the caption either but I saved the file as ram_birmingham_september_15_2002.jpg. It appears to have been taken at some sort of political meeting, although I cannot vouch for it having been taken either on that date or in Birmingham. On his release from prison, Ram was flavour of the month, but he had been at liberty for less than a year before he was recalled, although it was not until April 18, 2005 that he was arrested in London.

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