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Your Reference PO 9967/1

June 26, 2001

Dear Sir,

I have just received your undated letter to Mrs Lait MP with the 
above reference. While this provides useful information it does 
not address the question I wrote to Paul Boateng in connection 
with. To make sure there can be no ambiguity, I will spell it out 
for you:

Satpal Ram's supporters have claimed repeatedly that he has been 
subjected to systematic physical and psychological abuse. Among 
other things they have circulated through the Internet and main-
stream media a photograph of his face which they claim - or infer 
- was the result of brutality by prison officers. They claim that 
on at least one occasion the police have been called in to in-
vestigate such allegations.

I am writing to ask what is the Home Office position on these 
allegations. I am not asking for a detailed answer but some sort 
of reply is surely in order.

I would also like to know why the Prisons Minister ignored the 
three letters I sent him: the first was posted; the second was 
delivered by hand to the House; the third was E-mailed. They were 
all couched in moderate language, and it is surely incumbent upon 
a Minister to reply to a member of the public on such an issue 
without having to pester his MP.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

cc Mrs Lait

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