Notes And References

(1) See in particular the excellent collection THE “RACE” CARD: WHITE GUILT, BLACK RESENTMENT AND THE ASSAULT ON TRUTH AND JUSTICE, Edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, published by Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA, (1997).
(2) Pearson is the author of the definitive biography: THE SHADOW OF THE PANTHER: HUEY NEWTON AND THE PRICE OF BLACK POWER IN AMERICA, published by Addison-Wesley, New York, (1994). He also contributes a chapter to The Race Card, [see previous note].
(3) Pearson, The Shadow Of The Panther, page 221, (ibid).
(4) With the added twist that Abu-Jamal did not pull the trigger, a claim that is maintained in spite of compelling eyewitness evidence, forensic evidence, and evidence of a confession (a boast) made by Abu-Jamal shortly after the murder.

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