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September 12, 2001


Re Vikram Dodd's article on Satpal Ram - yesterday's "Guardian"; 
the only controversy about Ram's conviction is the controversy 
that has been generated by Ram's small but dedicated army of 

In all the articles that have appeared in the mainstream media 
about this so-called miscarriage of justice not one has mentioned 
the salient facts of the case, in particular 

a) that Ram was drunk at the time of the murder and was still 
drunk when he attended a local hospital two hours later where he 
gave a false name before seeking treatment to a small cut on his 

b) that Ram stabbed Pearce in the back with a flick knife, twice, 
possibly three times, according to an expert witness.

c) that after mortally wounding Clarke Pearce, Ram gloated over 
his victim and said he hoped he would soon be dead.

The full, documented facts of Ram's case, including the 
transcript of the judgment in his first appeal can be found on 
the website http://www.geocities.com/satpalramisguilty/

The transcript of the second appeal and the pathologists' report 
will be added shortly.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Unsurprisingly, this letter went unanswered.

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