Ramís Father

Members of Ramís family have been prominent in the Free Satpal Campaign, in particular his brother and his nephew. While loyalty to family and friends is always commendable, no right thinking person can condone the lies and smears spread wilfully by this vile organisation.

Although the vast majority of people who have leant their support to Ramís ďplightĒ have done so in ignorance of the true facts, it is inconceivable that those close to Ram and who have lobbied so intensely on his behalf have been likewise duped.

One person who surely wasnít duped was Ramís father, who died circa 1990. * At the trial, he went over to the family of Clarke Pearce and apologised for his sonís crime. Mrs OíNeill said he looked so sad that she felt sorry for him.

* According to the Free Satpal Campaign.

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