When this pamphlet was first published - in February 2001 - I simply assumed that Ram’s case had been referred back to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission; I did not see any overt reference to this in print, but as I had previously been informed by the Ram campaign that a new dossier had been prepared for this body, this was a reasonable assumption. I knew very little about the Criminal Cases Review Commission other than that it was a body set up to review alleged miscarriages of justice in the wake of the Guildford Four, Birmingham Six, and other cases (alluded to elsewhere on this site). On further investigation however I learned that the CCRC had been established only in 1997. This means that Ram’s case must have been referred back to the Court of Appeal through the usual channels, ie the Home Office, with the Home Secretary making the final decision. This was a very minor and unimportant error that I have now corrected. The fact that the Home Office was duped, conned or bullied into making this referral rather than the soon to be CCRC is of no consequence, and in no way undermines any of the claims about the Free Satpal Campaign and its fellow travellers documented elsewhere on this site.

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