Notes And References

(1) It is common knowledge that, all things being equal, jury trials return a higher percentage of acquittals than non-jury trials, which is one reason why any defendant in his right mind will elect for trial by jury in a matter that is triable either way, and the principal reason why the likes of Jack Straw want to restrict and ultimately to abolish trial by jury.
(2) In 1616, Sylvie de la Plaine confessed to having sexual relations with the Devil. She said that his penis was “like that of a horse, and, in penetrating, it is cold as ice, and his semen likewise cold”.
(3) Marsh is a former marine, and had ammunition at his home. Obviously police scientists would have strived mightily to find some sort of match, but they turned up nothing.
(4) Marsh, like Michael Stone (see below), was also the victim of a prison confession. The fact that the prosecution would rely on such evidence is indicative of the weakness of its case. Like Ram, Marsh elected not to give evidence, probably because under cross-examination the prosecution would have dragged in all manner of innuendo and twisted out of context everything he’d ever said about Warren to show him in the worst possible light.
(5) Frank Warren is a man who makes friends and enemies in equal measure; any number of people could have had a grudge against him.
(6) Sometimes, vindication comes too late. In November 1721, an Edinburgh man named William Shaw was executed for the murder of his daughter; in August the following year, her suicide note was found!
(7) Initially Amir is reported to have said that he had intended to kill Rabin, but later changed his mind.
(8) In Britain (and presumably in Israel) an intent to cause serious injury is sufficient mens rea for murder.
(9) Or whichever version he elects to put forward now.

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