This letter was actually posted October 10, 2001

93c Venner Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5HU. 020 8659 7713 E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK October 9, 2001 Dear Sir, I write with reference to your comment in the House of Lords on December 14, 1999, that the case of Satpal Ram was not murder, but nevertheless he is in gaol. The enclosed pamphlet gives you the facts about the case of rightly convicted murderer Satpal Ram. This may sound immodest but apart from the original press reports - of the murder of Clarke Pearce and Ram's conviction - and the brief law reports, the only journalist who has ever reported honestly on this case is myself. Last month, the Guardian published an in-depth article on the case by one Simon Hattenstone, who spent a year researching it yet made no mention - whether out of gullibility or venality - of the fact that Ram stabbed his victim in the back with a flick knife, cursed him as he lay dying, then fled the scene of the crime in a drunken rage with the murder weapon still in his hand. The most important documents in this case: the pathologist's report and the Court of Appeal judgments, bear this out, as does all the reliable eyewitness testimony. Yours sincerely, A Baron

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