Notes And References

(1) It is actually pink!
(2) THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE INQUIRY, Cm 4262 - I & 4262 - II (Revised), published by HMSO, London, (February 1999).
(3) The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, Part 1, page 2.
(4) Although the death of Damilola Taylor was rightly treated as a murder investigation from the beginning, it is the current writer’s belief that even if someone is eventually charged * in this connection, there will be no murder conviction in view of the ages of the suspects. In spite of the wilfulness of the act, this killing is more of a tragic accident and is certainly not comparable with the murders of either Stephen Lawrence or Clarke Pearce.
(5) Apparently “what, what nigger?”
(6) Ram’s comment about Paki music.

* On June 27, 2001 four youths charged with the murder of Damilola Taylor appeared at West London Youth Court and were remanded in custody.

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