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July 7, 2001

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask why you are continuing to spread proven lies 
about the case of Satpal Ram. On the page on your site dedicated 
to this so-called miscarriage of justice you claim, among other 
things, that Ram stabbed his victim, Clarke Pierce, with "a 
little Stanley knife" and that the victim refused to be treated 
by a woman doctor, discharged himself, went home and died.

The man's name was actually Clarke Edward Pearce, and Ram did not 
stab him with a Stanley knife but with a flick knife, an illegal 
weapon. Ram told the police that he had used a pen knife, a claim 
that was totally inconsistent with both the eyewitness and the 
forensic evidence. Mr Pearce did not discharge himself from 
hospital, he was pronounced dead at 4.23am, less than two hours 
after Ram stabbed him in the back. 

Although this wilfully misleading article about Ram was obviously 
written some time ago, and hopefully not by yourselves, this page 
was updated as recently as April 2 this year. 

A site containing the documented facts about the Ram case, in-
cluding the transcript of the judgment of Ram's 1989 appeal can 
be found at

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Unsurprisingly, this letter went unanswered.

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