Notes And References

(1) The point being that an inquest is held in public while a post mortem is not. The letter I received from the Coroner’s office did though give me the information I was after.
(2) When I spoke to Paddy Hill he told me that Ram had used a “purring knife” which is clearly the lie Ram told him when they were serving life together.
(3) The reader will notice the odd error in the transcript of the judgment of the first appeal - a scan of which can be found on this site. The punctuation of transcripts and other official documents often leaves something to be desired, and the official documents relating to Regina v Ram are no exception. For example, in the post mortem report the doctor who treated Clarke Pearce is referred to as Dr McGivren instead of Dr McGivern.
(4) Which is to be expected, especially of proper nouns.
(5) For more sinister allegations concerning (wilfully) inaccurate transcripts, the reader is referred to two letters published in the Guardian: December 29, 2000 by Suzon Forscey-Moore of the Campaign for A Fair Hearing, and January 3, 2001 by Salaam Blackmore writing from Switzerland.
(6) The jury in Regina v Barry Michael George (the Jill Dando murder case) visited the crime scene.
(7) She described the contents of the judgment as rubbish, although she was of course satisfied with the outcome. In an earlier interview she told me that her comment on the dismissal of Ram’s second appeal was that justice had been done again.
(8) The Crown was not represented at Ram’s first appeal; he was refused leave by the full court.
(9) To my surprise, and horror, I was later to find out that Mansfield is in fact President of the self-styled National Civil Rights Movement.
(10) A (some might say hilarious) story which indicates how easily even trained people can be mistaken (or duped) is one that hit the headlines in July 2001. Kevin Pullum, a 30 year old black man was facing a long gaol sentence after being convicted of a 1999 attempted murder by shooting. After a court appearance - at which he had represented himself - he fashioned an ID card from a photograph of the actor Eddie Murphy and walked out of gaol! Like Murphy, Pullum had a moustache, but that is where the resemblance ends.
(11) From our many telephone conversations and from our meeting in London it is clear to me although she is not an unintelligent woman she has no grasp of legal matters at all. In spite of my explaining it to her, she still doesn’t seem to understand what a committal is.

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